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2020 WCA Annual Conference Virtual Workshops

2020 WCA Legislative Exchange

2020 WCA Webinars

  • Guidance on First Amendment Auditors (10/7/2020)
    On October 7, 2020, Attorneys Andrew Phillips, Kyle Gulya and Ryan Heiden of von Briesen & Roper, s.c. provided guidance on interactions with first amendment auditors, along with strategies in managing the safety and confidentiality concerns related to the affairs of county business.
  • Advancing Broadband in Wisconsin (9/9/2020)
    This WCA Webinar, “Advancing Broadband in Wisconsin,” was held September 9, 2020 and includes speakers Jack Votava of Forward Analytics and Tom Asp and Jim Weikert of Power System Engineering.

    Watch the September 9, 2020 “Advancing Broadband in Wisconsin” webinar by clicking here.
  • Virtual Meeting: What Stays the Same and What has to Change (8/6/2020)
    While trying to juggle all the complexities of operating during a pandemic and continuing to meet the needs of constituents, most leaders try to force the same old in-person meeting format and content onto a video platform, hoping for the best. But even the most effective teams are learning there are all new pitfalls to look out for and new ways of communicating that are needed in order to be successful virtually. Join Kim Clist Fons, from Blue Wysteria Coaching and Consulting, and explore how to have consistently effective meetings on-line and how this one step is an integral part of being a Highly Effective Team. Speaker: Kim Clist Fons, M.Ed., ACC, UWCPC – President and Founder of Blue Wysteria Coaching and Consulting, a Certified Leadership and Team Coach, community and organizational development facilitator, and professional skills educator.

    Watch the August 6, 2020 webinar, Virtual Meeting: What Stays the Same and What has to Change by clicking here.
  • County Officials Workshops (COWS) – WI Open Meetings Law / Agendas & Minutes (6/15/2020)
    TOPICS OF THIS WEBINAR: Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law, and Agendas & Minutes. This webinar is a unique opportunity for both newly elected county government officials and veterans of the county board to learn from experienced educators about best practices and avoiding the pitfalls of governance.

    Watch the June 15, 2020 COWS webinar clicking here.
  • County Officials Workshops (COWS) – Who We Are / Roles & Responsibilities (6/8/2020)
    TOPICS OF THIS WEBINAR: Who We Are: The UW-Madison Division of Extension Local Government Center and the Wisconsin Counties Association and Roles & Responsibilities.This webinar is a unique opportunity for both newly elected county government officials and veterans of the county board to learn from experienced educators about best practices and avoiding the pitfalls of governance.

    Watch the June 8, 2020 COWS webinar clicking here.
  • 2020 U.S. Census Webinar (2/24/2020)
    WCA hosted a webinar on the U.S.Census, which featured Becky Schigiel of the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Watch the February 24, 2020 WCA webinar on the U.S. Census by clicking here.

2020 WCA Educational Seminars

2019 WCA Webinars

Update on Forward Analytics Research (12/16/2019)
During this webinar, we will discuss Forward Analytics latest research on job creation in Wisconsin; i.e., what kinds of jobs are being created and what that might mean for counties. You will also learn about some exciting research currently in progress, including a major project on rural depopulation both in Wisconsin and nationally. Speaker: Dale Knapp – Forward Analytics
View the December 16, 2019 webinar here.

Water Quality in Wisconsin-Where We’re At (9/11/2019)
Matt Krueger, Executive Director, WI Land+Water will be presenting a one hour webinar providing you with: an introduction to WI Land+Water; an overview of water quality in Wisconsin; water quality improvement “toolbox”; water quality challenges and water quality successes.
View the September 11, 2019 webinar here.

Public Safety’s Journey to the Cloud (8/5/2019)
During this hour webinar, you will learn how public safety applications are moving to the cloud, security fundamentals of cloud computing and securing your data and how to migrate your on premise solutions at your own pace to the cloud. Speaker: Karen Carlson – Motorola Solutions, Inc.
View the August 5, 2019 webinar here.

Agenda & Minutes for County Board & Committee Meetings (7/22/2019)
It is important for county officials, the public and the media to easily view agendas and meeting minutes.

This July 22, 2019 webinar focused on topics such as: where are the sources of procedural rules, who is responsible for setting and posting agendas, what are the public notice requirements, information on closed sessions, what is required to be included in meeting minutes, and what is the proper way to correct minutes of previous meetings.
View the July 22, 2019 webinar here.

WEXA Webinar (5/30/2019)
View the May 30, 2019 WEXA webinar here.

A Practical Approach to Cyber Security (5/20/2019)
County governments rely on technology to deliver services to citizens, and the infrastructure behind these technology systems is under near-constant attack. This educational session will focus on practical ways that municipal governments can think about and respond to the risks associated with cyber security. Speaker – Sean Maday, Google Cloud, Cloud Engineer – Government
Listen to the 05/20/19 webinar here.

Next Generation 9-1-1 and What It Means for Your County – Now (3/25/2019)
The future of 9-1-1 is now. Your 9-1-1 Agencies are facing a paradigm shift requiring them to implement new technology in order to accept text messages, images, video and other data to come. A crucial component of the paradigm shift is the move to IP, affecting how calls are routed and enabling communication across jurisdictions. Find out about the challenges affecting 9-1-1 Agencies in this new world and how to safely overcome them. Join our free webinar, hosted by Motorola Solutions, and learn what this vital service must do to better meet citizen expectations. Speaker – Tim Miller, NGCS Business, Motorola Solutions
Listen to the 03/25/19 webinar here.

Digital Counties Outcomes & What Comes Next (1/21/2019)
The Digital County Symposium was a three-event series held in Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Cedarburg over the last 12 months sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association. This was a collaborative effort to reimagine how counties can provide various services while using modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence. This early vision has transitioned to a reality as Advancing AI Wisconsin’s “The Digital County-Documentation of Outcomes” recaps the journey of 14 working groups and provides a detailed summary of the events. But what is the next step?

Oliver Buechse, My Strategy Source will host this webinar to discuss the outcomes of the Digital County events and provide ideas on how counties might take the next steps in artificial intelligence through the services they provide.
Listen to the 01/21/19 webinar here.

2019 WCA Annual Conference

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Session-Evidence-Based Decision Making: County Examples (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Session-Wisconsin Extension Committees Update (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 8:30 a.m. Session-County Redistricting (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 8:30 a.m. Session-County Mental Health Programming (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 8:30 a.m. Session-County Mental Health Programming: St. Croix County (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 10:30 a.m. Session-Embracing the Cloud for IT Efficiencies (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 10:30 a.m. Session-Organizational Culture of Continuous Improvement (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 10:30 a.m. Session-Badger State Sheriffs Emergency Detentions (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 10:30 a.m. Session-Ready for 2030? How Coming Demographic Changes Will Impact Counties (9/24/2019)

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Session-WEXA Committee Updates (9/24/2019)

Challenges to Groundwater Quality & Quantity (9/24/2019)

Monday 1:45 p.m. Session-Utilizing the Talent of Veterans (9/23/2019)

Monday 1:45 p.m. Session-Broadband Expansion in Wisconsin (9/23/2019)

Monday 2:45 p.m. Session-NextGeneration 911 (9/23/2019)

Monday 2:45 p.m. Session-Steps for Your County to Address Workforce & Senior Housing (9/23/2019)

Monday 3:45 p.m. Session-Managing Bond Proceeds (9/23/2019)

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Session-Wisconsin Energy Status (9/23/2019)

Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Session- Digital Counties Progress from Brown and Racine Counties (9/23/2019)

Monday 1:45 p.m. Session-Becoming a Debt-Free County (9/23/2019)

Monday 3:45 p.m. Session-The Attack on Qualified Immunity (9/23/2019)

Monday 3:45 p.m. Session-Elections Security (9/23/2019)

Monday 1:45 p.m. Session-Water Quality Task Force (9/23/2019)

Monday 3:45 Session-Future Regions: Local Governments Forging a New Path (9/23/2019)

Monday 3:45 Session-The Opioid and Meth Epidemic’s Impact on Child Welfare Services (9/23/2019)

2019 WCA Educational Seminars

Changing Demographics and Their Impact on Wisconsin Counties (8/19/2019)
Wisconsin’s population is going through a transformation unlike anything we have seen in the past. We have a rapidly growing senior population at the same time that births have been on the decline for a decade.In addition to an overview of the demographic challenges the state and its 72 counties face, we will explore: how changing demography is affecting the workforce; how an aging population will create significant challenges for counties; and how shifting migration patterns could help or hinder these challenges.The challenges created by our demographic shift are broad, making this seminar informative for county employees working in nearly all areas. County employees working with aging issues or economic development will find the topics particularly relevant.

Is Demography Destiny? Or Can Migration Save Us? (8/19/2019)

The Impact of an Aging Population on Counties (8/19/2019)

Impact of Home & Community Based Services (8/19/2019)

Wisconsin’s Growing Workforce Challenges (8/19/2019)

Wisconsin Demography: Present Profile and Future Trajectory (8/19/2019)

Fraud Risk, Awareness, Prevention, Management, and Response (6/17/2019)
Is your county taking steps to ensure financial fraud does not occur? What is the role of county elected officials and county employees in managing risk related to fraud? Who is responsible to put processes and procedures in place to prevent fraudulent activity? This WCA Educational Seminar offers county officials an opportunity to hear from experts on how to create awareness of fraud risk, prevent, manage, and create internal controls opportunities to mitigate the risk of fraud. You will also hear examples of schemes where fraud occurred in other organizations.

Fraud Awareness and Management in County Government (6/17/2019)

Fraud Risks in Current Times (6/17/2019)

Fraud Prevention (6/17/2019)

We Have Fraud – Now What? (6/17/2019)

Environment and Land Use: How Counties Protect Land & Water (4/22/2019)
Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) is excited to host a panel of experts to explore a variety of environment and land use issues, including water quality, zoning, land use planning, and recycling. At a time when the state has identified clean drinking water as a top priority, it is important to hear how the landscape is changing from an environmental standpoint. Communities across Wisconsin are finding innovative approaches to environment and land use and Wisconsin’s counties are at the forefront of this innovation. This seminar will provide an overview of what counties are doing to provide citizens with smart planning, abundant natural resources, as well as interesting approaches to making the most out of those precious state resources.

Doing Our Part! How Municipal Waste & Recycling Programs Protect the Environment (4/22/2019)

WI County Code Administrators: The Latest and Greatest on Zoning Wisconsin (4/22/2019)

County Conservation Funding, Forests, and Groundwater Protection in Wisconsin (4/22/2019)

How Counties Protect Land and Water (4/22/2019)

The Opioid and Meth Epidemic: What Counties Can Do To Ease Wisconsin’s Drug Epidemic (2/18/2019)
The methamphetamine and opioid epidemic has hit the nation hard. Wisconsin’s counties face the epidemic daily on many fronts, including child welfare services, county jails, public health departments, and social/human services departments. Many counties are addressing the meth and opioid epidemic head on and are implementing programs at the local level to address the needs of those struggling with addiction. This seminar will provide an overview of the meth and opioid crisis in Wisconsin, as well as highlight several local programs aimed at curbing the negative impacts meth and opioid use have on communities across the state.

Wisconsin’s Opioid Crisis (2/18/2019)

Dane County’s Jail Opiate Project (2/18/2019)

Opiate Recovery Project Treatment Services Informed Consent (2/18/2019)

Client Expectations once they are involved in the Vivitrol Program (2/18/2019)

Vivitrol Brochure (2/18/2019)

Sauk County Overdose Death Review Team (2/18/2019)

Kenosha County Opioid Initiative (2/18/2019)

Overview of Meth Epidemic In Wisconsin (2/18/2019)

KNOW METH Initiative (2/18/2019)

KNOW METH Barron County (2/18/2019)

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