WCA Publications

WCA Publications can be found below in an electronic and downloadable format. If you would like to request print copies of any of these resources, please contact WCA Managing Editor Sheri Krause via email or at 866-404-2700.

8th Edition, Wisconsin County Official’s Handbook
The most comprehensive document on county operations and recently updated, the handbook is comprised of a collection of information covering topics that county officials handle on a regular basis. From an in-depth review of parliamentary procedures to personnel practices to budgeting, this document brings together all areas of county operations in one centralized place.

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County Government: History, Services and Funding
This publication was initially prepared for use by the county representatives that served on the Governor’s Blue-Ribbon Commission on State-Local Partnerships to educate other commission members on the vital role county governments play in the provision of services across Wisconsin. Now WCA’s most popular brochure, the information is updated every two years following the spring election for use by county officials and other interested parties across the state.

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WCA Brochure
A complete snapshot of the Wisconsin Counties Association, this brochure explains the history, structure, policy formulation, services and duties of the association charged with protecting the interests of county government.

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WCA County Decennial Redistricting Handbook
In order to meet the requirement of decennial redistricting and to understand the mechanics of mid-term redistricting, county officials need to have knowledge of the relevant legal, technical and procedural aspects of redistricting. The County Decennial Redistricting Handbook provides a general overview of redistricting to assist county officials in this process.

Click here to view and download the WCA County Decennial Redistricting Handbook.

The Green Book, A Book of County Facts (4th Edition)
For county government to successfully carry out its mission, long range, strategic thinking is critical. Data plays a critical role as counties evolve to meet the changing needs of citizens and businesses across the state. The Wisconsin Counties Association is pleased to present the 4th Edition of The Green Book, A Book of County Facts.

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Non-Ferrous Metallic Mining Regulation Handbook
To assist counties with the changes in nonferrous metallic mining regulation, WCA developed the Non-Ferrous Metallic Mining Regulation Handbook to aid counties in addressing the issues they confront relating to the complex issue of mining regulation. Written with the help of Andrew T. Phillips and Rebecca J. Roeker with von Briesen & Roper, the handbook is an in-depth look at the overall scope of the changes made to existing mining regulations, including environmental regulations, zoning, licensing, vested rights, equal protection, conditional use permits, and much more.

Click here to download the PDF of the handbook.

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