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Wisconsin Counties magazine, the official publication of WCA, is published monthly. First published in 1938, its readership includes county-elected and appointed officials, state legislators, state agency personnel, state, city, town and village officials, and employees of organizations providing services to county government. The monthly readership is estimated at 10,000.

Distributed in print to all Wisconsin counties, advertising in Wisconsin Counties is the best way to reach the purchasing power of 72 of the largest corporate structures in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Counties provides county officials with legislative news, county best practices and in-depth coverage of issues affecting county government. The magazine features a monthly column from the president and CEO, a monthly legal column, insurance and health news, updates from our federal congressional representatives, and more.


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Please send all ad materials to: Managing Editor Sheri Krause via email.

WCA also reserves the right to deny any sale of ad space and further, may cancel any advertising contract at its sole discretion.

Joint #WisCounties @LeagueWIMunis #WisTowns statement; laud sustainable funding source for services: "This issue transcends partisan see our state’s top leaders work collaboratively to invest in our communities is unprecedented. @NACoTweets

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