“What are Counties” Toolkit Now Available Online!

“What are Counties” Toolkit Now Available Online!

Video, PowerPoint and Brochure Included

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at the WCA Legislative Exchange in Madison, the Wisconsin Counties Association launched a new toolkit for county officials and interested parties to help educate people on the role of counties in their lives.

This new campaign, “What are Counties,” came about because of conversations with our county officials desiring a brochure on county government services to hand out when they spoke to civic groups, students and other entities.

The result of this collaborative effort was much more than a brochure.  WCA is proud to present the “What are Counties” trio of resources — a video, presentation and brochure, to share the good news of what counties do to “Help Make Wisconsin Great.”

“What are Counties” Video

This short two-minute video was produced by TruScribe in conjunction with our WCA Government Affairs Team and narrated by WCA Executive Director Mark D. O’Connell.

Watch the “What are Counties” video and be sure to share!

“What are Counties” PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation is perfect when meeting with students or those looking for more in-depth information on what counties do in our state.

Access the “What are Counties” PowerPoint Presentation here (note you must have PowerPoint on your computer to open this version.) 

Access the “What are Counties” Presentation as a PDF here.

“What are Counties” Brochure

This leave-behind piece is a perfect “at a glance” document on how counties help make our state such a great place to work and live.

See the “What are Counties” brochure here.

For questions or to get print copies or the brochure or the video on a DVD, please contact WCA at 866.404.2700 or via email.