WCA Creates Frac Sand Task Force

WCA Creates Frac Sand Task Force

Initiative of WCA President Wirth to Address Frac Sand Mining Issues in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Counties Association Board of Directors acted recently to create a special task force addressing frac sand mining issues in Wisconsin.  The newly created WCA Frac Sand Task Force is a presidential initiative of WCA President Gus Wirth.

Frac sand mining and processing operations have become more prevalent in Wisconsin in recent years.  Although frac sand mining and processing operations are not located in all parts of the state, they have become a significant presence in certain regions.

WCA received four resolutions for consideration at the WCA Annual Business Meeting related to frac sand mining. During discussions at the WCA Resolutions Committee, some committee members stated they did not have enough knowledge of frac sand mining to make recommendations on the resolutions.  It was suggested that a more in depth review of the impacts of frac sand mining on counties be studied as soon as possible.  Several committee members suggested that Resolutions Committee Chair Marty Krueger encourage the incoming WCA president to create a special committee or task force on frac sand mining to review the Conference Resolutions, as well as consider other issues related to frac sand mining that impact counties, in a timely manner.

The WCA Frac Sand Task Force is charged with studying the impact of frac sand operations on counties. The task force is comprised of seven members appointed by President Wirth and confirmed by the WCA Board of Directors at their October 25, 2012 meeting. Other members of the county family, state agency officials, and individuals with knowledge or prior experience with the frac sand industry have been invited to participate in the discussions.

President Wirth recommended that the WCA Board of Directors confirm the following appointments to the WCA Frac Sand Task Force.  The following county officials will serve a one-year term on the committee:

  • Lance Pliml, Wood County Board Chair (Task Force Chair)
  • Del Twidt, Buffalo County Board Chair
  • Steve Rasmussen, Dunn County Board Chair
  • Tara Johnson, La Crosse County Board Chair
  • Patricia Haukohl, Waukesha County Board Vice-Chair
  • Bruce Stelzner, Chippewa County Highway Commissioner
  • Brentt Michalek, Sauk County Conservation, Planning and Zoning Director

The Task Force has met via conference call and plans to meet the last week of November.  In addition to its action on the WCA Conference Resolutions, the Task Force will consider all issues its members deem appropriate relating to frac sand operations in Wisconsin and make recommendations for consideration by the WCA Board of Directors.