WCA Commends Joint Finance for its Actions this Week on State Budget

WCA Commends Joint Finance for its Actions this Week on State Budget

Commend Committee Members for Vision and Leadership

As the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee (JFC) continues its work on the state budget, several items were front and center this week that will benefit the citizens of Wisconsin through programs carried out by counties.  These budget items include:

•    County Child Support Enforcement Funding: Funding of $8.5 million in General Purpose Revenue (GPR), plus a corresponding $16.5 million in federal funds for county child support enforcement.
•    Transportation: Increased funding of $52.5 million for state highway maintenance and a funding increase of 2.4% for local road maintenance, known as General Transportation Aids (GTA).
•    Transit: Increased funding of $5.3 million for transit system operations.
•    TAD Funding: Increased funding of $1 million annually in Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) funding.
•    County Conservation: Increased funding for county land conservation cost-sharing grants of nearly $1.8 million.
•    Drug Courts: Funding of $500,000 annually for new drug courts.

“The actions this week of Joint Finance recognize the critical role counties play in ensuring our communities are safe and thriving,” said Wisconsin Counties Association Executive Director (WCA) Mark D. O’Connell.  “We commend the committee members for their leadership as the state and counties partner to deliver services to our citizens.”

O’Connell continued, “The budget process is a series of very difficult decisions, with JFC members being tugged in many directions.  The decisions made this week demonstrate great vision for our state and counties are appreciative of the care and thought of the Committee.  Their work will benefit our citizens and we look forward to continuing our work with the legislature as the budget makes its way through the process.”