WCA Announces Staff Changes to Better Meet the Needs of Membership

WCA Announces Staff Changes to Better Meet the Needs of Membership

The Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) has announced several staff changes to better meet the needs of its membership statewide. 

“We recently completed an organizational planning process with our board of directors and our staff to identify membership priorities and expectations.  Through this process, it was clear our membership desired WCA to have an even greater presence in our 72 member counties,” said WCA Executive Director Mark D. O’Connell. 

He continued, “While we currently have field services staff that regularly meet with counties, we are excited to announce longtime WCA employee Jon Hochkammer as the new WCA Outreach Manager. Jon’s leadership and experience in state and local government, his tenure at WCA and his time on the Manitowoc County Board make Jon the perfect person to act as a bridge between our activities in Madison and our members.“ 

“I look forward to this new responsibility and am eager to lead the association’s outreach efforts,” said Hochkammer. “I plan to work closely with our membership and intend to develop new ways and opportunities for WCA and counties to interact.”

In addition, WCA Legislative Associate Kyle Christianson has been named WCA Director of Government Affairs.  Prior to joining the association in July 2012, Kyle worked for the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and in government affairs at Dairyland Power Cooperative. With over two decades as a member of WCA’s lobbying team, WCA Senior Legislative Associate Sarah Diedrick-Kasdorf has been named WCA Deputy Director of Government Affairs. David Callender and Daniel Bahr round out the WCA Government Affairs team. 

“Our legislative program is at the foundation of our daily activities and the reorganization of our government affairs team will allow us to continue our work with legislators, legislative staff and state officials to accomplish our goals related to counties,” said O’Connell. “With the team we have in place, I am confident we will continue to achieve great things that will be felt in counties around the state.”

In other elements of the reorganization, J. Michael Blaska will serve as Chief of Staff for the organization and Josh Bindl will take over the duties of Director of Programs and Services. Lynda Bradstreet will continue to serve as the Association’s Chief Financial Officer.

O’Connell concluded, “Successful organizations continue to evolve and adapt in response to what their members desire. Whether it’s a greater presence in counties, providing the latest legislative updates via print and electronic publications or offering products and services that save counties money, we are at our strongest when we take input from members and translate that into activities that benefit all of Wisconsin.”

The Wisconsin Counties Association represents the interests of county government in Madison and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit www.wicounties.org.