Local Government Groups Laud Sustainable Funding Source for Services

Local Government Groups Laud Sustainable Funding Source for Services

The Wisconsin Counties Association, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and the Wisconsin Towns Association have been working closely with state leaders to craft a proposal that would provide one cent of the state’s five-cent sales tax to increase aid that goes to Wisconsin local governments.

In his 2023 State of the State Address, Governor Tony Evers also expressed his openness to this proposal, stating he will be introducing a budget provision that would send up to 20 percent of sales tax revenue back to communities for shared revenue.

The three groups have issued the following statement:

“Both sides of the aisle seemingly agree that the current system of funding local governments in Wisconsin is broken, and everyone must come to the table to find a long-term solution.

This issue transcends partisan politics, and our leaders recognize that local governments are critical to providing and delivering numerous services taxpayers rely on daily. With rising inflation and increased demand for services, local governments require additional and sustainable state resources to maintain infrastructure, public safety investments, and human and social services. To see our state’s top leaders work collaboratively to invest in our communities is unprecedented and will result in a stronger Wisconsin tomorrow.

This common ground will mean the state will invest in our communities and fulfill their obligation to fund our communities.  Our state, our economy, and our workforce depend on these investments.

Our three statewide local government associations, and the thousands of locally elected officials we represent, are prepared to continue our work with the Legislative and Executive branches of government as we soon begin state budget deliberations to ensure sustainable funding of critical local services and an equitable distribution of state aid to local governments.” 

For additional comment, please contact WCA at 866.404.2700, the League at 608.267.2380 and WTA at 715.526.3157.

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