Local Government Groups: 2015-2017 Transportation Budget Offers Comprehensive Plan That Addresses State and Local Needs

As an agricultural, tourist and manufacturing state, Wisconsin’s economy is heavily dependent on a healthy transportation system.  Without significant investment in this network, our state’s economic potential is limited at best.

On November 14, 2014, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Secretary Mark Gottlieb submitted a 2015-2017 Transportation Budget that recognizes this fact. His proposal takes steps towards addressing Wisconsin’s transportation needs both today and into the future.

With an expected $682 million funding shortfall going into the next budget cycle, WisDOT’s transportation budget would fill in this gap and provide sustainable revenue for budgets in the future.

“Transportation has been one of Governor Walker’s core priorities since taking office. This budget addresses our state and local transportation needs by outlining a long-term sustainable approach,” said Wisconsin Counties Association Executive Director Mark D. O’Connell. 

The proposal also makes significant investments in transit assistance for communities across Wisconsin.  Such investments are critical to ensure that all citizens have access to the marketplace and to employment opportunities.

“This budget proposal moves Wisconsin to a sustainable approach for transportation, recognizing that our city streets, bus systems, local roads and state highways are all critical to economic prosperity,” said League of Wisconsin Municipalities Executive Director Jerry Deschane.

“With the evolution of agriculture in Wisconsin, town roads are bearing heavier and larger equipment that makes upkeep and maintenance a challenge,” said Wisconsin Towns Association Executive Director Mike Koles.  “This proposal, if adopted, would go a long way in helping towns meet that challenge.  We support the Governor’s efforts to create additional funding mechanisms to increase transportation investment throughout Wisconsin.”

For additional comments, please contact Mark D. O’Connell at 866.404.2700, Jerry Deschane at 608.267.2380 or Mike Koles at 715.526.3157.