La Crosse County’s Jane Klekamp Named 2015 “Friend in County Government”

La Crosse County’s Jane Klekamp has been named as the 2015 recipient of the Wisconsin Counties Association’s (WCA) “Friend in County Government” award for her work in the areas of alternatives to incarceration and effective justice strategies.  

This is the highest honor given by the Association to an individual who has performed outstanding service not only in their own county, but also for the Association and counties statewide.  Ms. Klekamp was honored recently at the WCA Annual Conference in La Crosse County.

“In her role as the La Crosse County Justice Support Services Manager, Jane worked tirelessly to find fair and workable justice strategies and solutions,” said WCA Executive Director Mark D. O’Connell. “Her role as a dedicated public servant to the citizens of La Crosse County and her commitment to justice issues throughout Wisconsin has been exemplary.”

“Jane has been a tremendous resource to her colleagues from around the state,” he continued.  “So many people stepped forward with their thoughts and kind words that were shared with her during the award presentation at the WCA Annual Conference. “

These comments included:

•    “Jane has been instrumental changing the criminal justice system not just here in La Crosse County, but also across the state.  Her passion and leadership to do the right thing based on research has changed the system and has made all of us better at what we do.  Jane’s work has made the community healthier and safer.”  – La Crosse County Circuit Court Judge Elliot Levine.

•    “WCA’s recognition of Jane is well deserved.  She is respected around the state and across the nation for her expertise, her passion for justice and her unmatched ability to get complex and challenging things done in a field of work that has few if any easy answers.  Her peers, colleagues and co-workers admire Jane as a skilled professional who pushes herself and others to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.  She has willingly shared her vast knowledge and expertise with others in numerous counties throughout Wisconsin and around the country.”  -La Crosse County Board Chair Tara Johnson.

•    “The very skills and abilities that have made her an outstanding justice support services coordinator-her professionalism, her intelligence and her track record of getting challenging things done-are the very skills that Jane will put to use in her new position as La Cross County’s first Associate County Administrator.”  -La Crosse County Administrator Steve O’Malley

Because of her experience, Jane has also been and continues to be a frequent speaker at WCA conferences and educational seminars on the topics of alternatives to incarceration and effective justice strategies.

“While Jane recently took a new position within La Crosse County as the associate county administrator, she has shared with us that she remains committed to helping the state and counties implement evidence-based criminal justice programs,” said O’Connell.  “Her dedication to these issues and the entire state is why we are so proud to have her as our 2015 Friend in County Government.”