Transportation Driver

Application Deadline: 2024-08-07
Job Type: County
Job Description:


Operates/drives county owned vehicles in an effective and safe manner, obeying all traffic laws, obeying all policies and procedures of the Department, and practicing defensive driving techniques.
Reviews the daily trip schedules to ensure the most time efficient and direct route from destination to destination.
Reports any discrepancies or suspected errors to the transportation program coordinator.
Performs pre-trip and post-trip safety and maintenance checks using required inspection checklist, reporting any problems or malfunctions of equipment to transportation program coordinator.
Cleans interior of vehicle to maintain sanitary environment for passengers and fills gas tank at the end of each day. Washes the outside of vehicle as necessary/scheduled.
Provides assistance to passengers who are entering or exiting vehicles, including those using common wheelchairs or other mobility devices, requiring the use of lift equipment and securement systems in order to ensure the safety of all passengers.
Maintains daily trip sheets of riders, logging in time and mileage and/or changes in trips as scheduled.
Assists in the training and orientation of authorized people to operate county vehicles.
Attend and successfully complete initial and on-going trainings as required.
Uses county provided cell phone appropriately during work hours and returns to office at end of shift.
Attend meetings as required.
Regular attendance and punctuality required.
Provides home delivered meals, as required
Ensures proper food storage temperatures.
Follows-up and reports questionable absences of home-delivered meal participants to the dining site manager.
Performs related duties as may be required or assigned.


Basic First Aid skills or certificate.
Ability to bend, crouch, kneel, twist, push, and pull.

Must have hearing and vision capabilities, with the aid of corrective devices, as needed (i.e. hearing aid, glasses or contacts)

Ability to sit in a normal seated position and endure extended periods of driving.

Ability to exert up to 20-50 pounds of force, occasionally, and/or 10-26 pounds of force frequently.

Ability to solve problems in regards to operation of vehicles and rider welfare.

Ability to organize time and carry out daily schedule of rides in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Ability to work with a minimum of supervision.

Ability to understand the English language and carry out verbal and written instructions.

Ability to maintain program and passenger confidentiality.

Ability to communicate effectively with clients, staff, and agencies.

Ability to work with clients served by transportation services.

Ability to maintain equipment in good working condition, using preventive maintenance practices in the use and care of all county vehicles.

Ability to deliver meals from vehicle to resident’s home

Ability to check meal temperatures of home-delivered meals, as required.

Must meet requirements of Dodge County Driver Qualification Policy and possess a valid driver’s license.

Deadline Note: Open Until Filled