Social Worker

Application Deadline: 2022-08-12
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Prepares family assessments and develops case plans using the Wisconsin Child Welfare On-Going Services Standards or the Youth Justice Standards when appropriate. Prepares dispositional reports to the Court, recommending services for families where child abuse/neglect, juvenile delinquency or status offenses are occurring; provides case management to the aforementioned families; interviews children, youth, and family members and collateral contacts; conducts home visits and/or child custody studies and may do stepparent adoption studies.

• Assess, provide, and coordinate services to children/youth and their families – doing home visits, interviewing children, caretakers, and collateral contacts, transporting children, making referrals for services, providing case management services, deciding validity of child abuse/neglect reports and developing on-going safety plans and implementing/monitoring case plans and goals ensuring compliance. Coordinate and supervise children and/or youth under supervision of the Department.
• Write family assessment plans and developing client goals, service documentation, revising safety plans, and making telephone calls.
• Interview children, youth, and caretakers of families for Court functions. This includes court appearances on Child in Need of Protection and/or Service (CHIPS), Juvenile in Need of Protection and/or Services (JIPS) and delinquency petitions.
• Manage and oversee safety plans, and family interaction plans as applicable.
• Complete all case documentation as required.
• Assist with facilitation of parenting and family teams as needed.
• Conduct home studies and foster care licensure procedures as needed.
• Other time is spent in doing on-call, Juvenile Court Intake, performing ACCESS functions, unit staff meetings, supervision meetings for case monitoring, information sharing and special projects.

A valid Wisconsin Driver’s License is required. Basic everyday living skills, the ability to understand and follow directions; reading and writing (reports) is necessary. Interviewing, counseling, and communication skills are needed. It is also important to have knowledge of juvenile and criminal law, social work practice, and federal and state policy and procedures, especially as it relates to the Wisconsin Model. Skill in the use of general office equipment, including but not limited to telephone, copy machine, computer, calculator, dictation equipment, camera, measuring devices, fax machine and automobile. A video camera may be used to tape interviews in some cases.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or closely related field that meets the certification requirements for a “Social Worker”.

EXPERIENCE / JOB KNOWLEDGE: Must be certified or certifiable as a Social Worker in Wisconsin.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Over 75% of time is spent talking, hearing, visually observing and sitting. 50% of time is spent writing and keyboarding. About 10% of time is spent standing, walking, stooping, kneeling, crouching and low lifting. In unusual situations, it is necessary to grapple, crawl, and run.

Management’s assignment of essential functions is not designed to limit the manner in which duties may be accomplished. Management shall comply with all applicable workplace laws and shall communicate with any employee with a disability to determine the availability of a reasonable accommodation(s) to allow the employee to perform the essential functions of the job.

ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS: Over 75% of work is done inside. Work is done outside about 10% of time. In unusual situations there is a threat of physical attack or injury from clients.

Deadline Note: