Social Work Specialist-CPS Ongoing

Application Deadline: 2022-04-29
Job Type: County
Job Description:

POSITION TITLE: Social Work Specialist – CPS Ongoing

LOCATION: Human Services-Oshkosh

SALARY: $26.49 – $29.20/Hr.

STATUS: Full-time


WORK HOURS: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Recruitment will be ongoing

Current Winnebago County employees interested in applying for this position will need to complete the Winnebago County Application for Departmental Transfer/Position Change form. Other parties interested in applying for this position will need to complete the Winnebago County Application for Employment.

September 2018

POSITION TITLE: Social Work Specialist – Child Protective Services Ongoing

DEPARTMENT: Human Services – Child Welfare Services



Provides child protective services to children and families with a focus on child safety and family preservation utilizing a trauma informed care approach. After referral from an Initial Assessment Team, this position works in partnership with the family, foster parents, legal parties, and other community partners to work toward safety, well-being and permanence for each child to assist in creating a safer environment for the child and family.

1. Provides case management services, and monitors and diligently coordinates services and needs using a family centered and trauma informed approach. This includes, but is not limited to making appropriate referrals, service coordination and conducting team meetings. Possible referrals may include, but are not limited to; Mental Health treatment, AODA treatment, sex offender treatment and parenting programs.

2. Implements and manages sufficient, feasible, and sustainable safety plans to control impending danger by following CPS Safety Intervention Standards.

3. Provides teaching, training, coaching and encouragement to children and families resistant to participating in programs provided by other agencies. Examples of such may include independent living skills; parent effectiveness training; behavior modification; nurturing; mediation and dispute resolution; other basic skills and life management approaches as are indicated for the family.


1. Provides child and family assessment in a trauma informed approach to determine comprehensive needs for services as well as safety risk factors, of families via an established tool(s).
2. Provides dispositional and other reports to the circuit courts and represents the Department in court proceedings pertaining to children and families.
3. Develops specific written treatment plans and implements with providers for children in care. This includes direction to the providers regarding what is required of them to assist the family and the child. Also includes addressing plans for visitation with the biological families, advocating for services from the school setting and other scheduled services.
4. Effectively manages conflict within family units, as well as with, service providers or others as conflict/crisis arises. Also works to prevent crisis, using a preventative family centered approach.
5. Works cooperatively in a team-oriented manner as a member of the Child Welfare Division, assisting co-workers with their duties, and participating in collaborative efforts internally and outside the agency.
6. Provides and is responsible for case record maintenance, including such paper items as are required by the State of Wisconsin, Federal Government, or written Department policy.
7. Performs other related duties as may be assigned.


1. Reports to Program Supervisor – Child Protective Services.
2. Works with other agency departments and community partners.


1. Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in social work, human services, or a closely related field.
2. Certification or licensure under Wisconsin Statutes chapter 457 as a Social Worker, Advance Practice Social Worker, Independent Social Worker, or Independent Clinical Social Worker; or certified or licensed within one year of hire. A Social Worker Training Certificate per State Statute Chapter 457 does not meet this qualification.
3. Must possess a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
4. Must provide evidence of meeting or exceeding the minimum automobile liability insurance requirements contained in the Winnebago County Travel Ordinance.


1. Working knowledge of Chapter 48 – Children’s Code, Chapter 938 – Juvenile Justice Code, and Chapter 948- Crimes Against Children Code.
2. Considerable knowledge of early childhood development and the underlying causes of family dynamics.
3. Knowledge of the abuse and neglect standards regarding investigation procedures and mandates.
4. Ability to assess family strengths, needs, safety and risk factors using a trauma informed approach and incorporate these into a family managed case plan.
5. Thorough knowledge of resources and their availability and application to children and families given identified problems.
6. Working knowledge and understanding of “family systems” approach in working with families.
7. Ability to gather information, organize facts, communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
8. Ability to make social diagnosis and to develop and initiate appropriate social casework treatment.
9. Working knowledge of childhood development and adolescent problems.
10. Demonstrates excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
11. Accept and utilize supervision and directives while working within an agency team structure.
12. Possession of basic computer skills with the ability to utilize computer programs to document and track case activity.
13. Ability to work flexible hours when necessary to meet the needs of children and families.


1. Ability to perform most work from a sedentary position.
2. Ability to function in situations encountered in a normal office setting.
3. Ability to use standard office equipment including telephone, computer, printer, photocopier, and scanner.
4. Ability to travel to other County departments and locations.
5. Must have the capacity to freely move in the community (such as through possession of valid driver’s license or other means) including access to a vehicle.
6. Must have the capacity to access second floors (or higher) in homes and buildings, for purposes of providing services to disabled or homebound consumers.

Deadline Note: Recruitment will be ongoing

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