Security (Corrections) Deputy – Eligibility List

Application Deadline: 2023-12-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Applications are currently being accepted to create an eligibility list for future vacancies.

As a Security Deputy, you will work under the general direction of the Sheriff, and/or her designee. The Shift Sergeant is the direct supervisor. Security Deputies are responsible for enforcing all state, county, and federal laws and regulations; investigating criminal activities; assisting citizens; making arrests; completing criminal & process serving and routine public relations activities; and performing various duties within the County Jail. Regular attendance and punctuality along with being prepared to commence work at designated work locations, on the assigned or scheduled days and hours is expected. Security Deputies are responsible for providing truthful and accurate written and verbal communications.

Essential Job Functions
Supervise prisoners by conducting regular security checks of the general jail areas, housing units, kitchen, laundry, programs room, recreation area, Huber area and visitation. Conduct regular security inspections of all areas of the facility to help ensure the security and safety of prisoners, staff and visitors.
Works an assigned shift using own judgment in deciding course of action in dealing with routine duties, emergency situations, and overall jail operations.
Conduct prisoner intake procedures which include medical/mental health screenings, administering a PBT, pat down search, fingerprinting, photos, inventory property, receipt money, enter data into records management system, assign clothing/bedding and appropriate housing assignments.
Prepare reports including daily activity logs, visitation logs, intake and release paperwork, commissary records, incident reports, medical/mental health screening forms, etc.
Distribute prisoner medications, meals, laundry, mail and commissary.
Respond to prisoner disturbances, medical or mental health emergency or requests for assistance. Provide assistance to prisoners in dealing with medical or mental health needs.
Prepare prisoners for travel to court, visits from attorneys and transport prisoners between the jail and courts.
Process Huber prisoners in and out of the facility for work release.
Confirm the prisoners are abiding by the established rules of the facility in documented reports and take appropriate disciplinary action for violations.
Carry out duties in conformance with Federal, State, County and City laws and within departmental policies and procedures.
Perform transports of prisoners outside the facility.

General Job Functions
1. Works an assigned shift using own judgment in deciding course of action being expected to handle difficult and emergency situations without assistance.
2. Coordinates activities with other officers/deputies or other departments as needed, exchanges information with officers/deputies in other law enforcement agencies, and obtains advice from the District Attorney’s Office and Corporation Counsel Office regarding cases, policies and procedures, as needed and assigned.
3. Administer proper breathalyzer procedure.

Training and Experience
High School diploma or equivalent.
Two (2) year Associate degree from an accredited Wisconsin technical college system or its accredited equivalent from another state or a minimum of sixty (60) fully accredited college level credits, preferred.
Successful completion of Correction Training Officer (CTO) training and evaluation program within the first twelve (12) months of hire.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
Knowledge of laws, regulations, ordinances and departmental policies and procedures which impact duties in jail.
Knowledge of personal self-defense.
Knowledge of current policing jail methods and procedures.
Ability to use tact and discretion to optimize safety and control.
Ability to react quickly, both mentally and physically, to any situation.
Ability to prepare accurate reports.
Ability to operate a variety of jail equipment to include but not limited to: radio, handcuffs, computer, first aid equipment, copy machine, fax machine, camera, fingerprint equipment, intoxilyzer, PBT, Taser, SCBA equipment, and other related equipment.
8. Knowledge and ability to use a computer and current software programs.
9. Ability to use tact and courtesy in maintaining an effective working relationship with department employees, county supervisors, county officials, and general public.
10. Ability to read, comprehend, and communicate, both verbally and in writing.

Deadline Note: Applications are currently being accepted to create an eligibility list for future vacancies.