Public Health Nurse

Application Deadline: 2021-03-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Health Officer/Director, provides professional public health nursing services in home, clinic, and community health. Services include assessment, care and referral, policy development and assurance. Promotes health and provides health education in areas of chronic illness, communicable diseases, nutrition, safety, and wellness; coordinates various public health programs including; maternal and child health, communicable disease, immunizations, lead poisoning prevention, oral health, school health, and preparedness.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

As a member of the health department, will work under the 10 essential public health services framework to provide the following services:

1. Monitor health status and understand health issues facing the community
• Participate in the assessment of public health needs in the community through Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) activities.
2. Protect people from health problems and health hazards
• Conduct immunization clinics, administer vaccines and provide client education concerning vaccines, influenza and other diseases
• Conduct communicable disease investigation, surveillance, and control activities
Policy Development
3. Give people the information they need to make healthy choices
• Implement evidence-based health promotion programs in accordance with contracts or grants in the areas of maternal child health, preparedness, lead poisoning prevention, oral health, and others.
• Present public health educational seminars to the general public and other community groups, including information on wellness and safety, communicable disease, immunizations, nutrition, preparedness and other health topics.
• Act as a community and organizational resource person in health education and health department services
4. Engage the community to identify and solve health problems
• Membership on community health groups and coalitions
• Develop and maintain relationships with representatives from local human services agencies, health providers, and other community groups as necessary for health programming
5. Develop public health policies and plans
• Develop strategies for intervention/prevention to improve the health status of the community
• Research, plan, implement and evaluate evidence-based health education programs
• Incorporate evidence based practice and scientific research into health department services, programs, and activities
6. Enforce public health law and regulations
• Conduct epidemiological investigations and follow-up for communicable disease cases and outbreaks to determine source and prevent spread of infection
• Analyze, update, document nursing activities and assure confidentiality of client records
• Provide support services in animal bite prevention
7. Help people receive health services
• As assigned by supervisor; perform school nursing duties
– coordinate school nursing services to contracted schools
– assist in health-related policy and procedure development and review
– assess students/staff for health problems and make recommendations
– provide health education for students/staff
– coordinate health screenings for the district(s)
– provide consultation and assistance on school committees
– act as liaison for students with special health care needs
• Perform public health nursing visits to clients and families
• Assess client status, form care plans, provide health education and referrals, and perform various nursing tasks for clients and families
• Promote department programs to the public
8. Maintain a competent public health workforce
• Prepare reports on contract/grant activities and services, including to the WI Division of Public Health and internal performance management tool
• Attend and participate in training opportunities that further build capacity and skills pertinent for public health nursing as outlined by the department’s workforce development plan
• Represent the Health Department at designated meetings
• Supervise student nurses activity within agency
9. Evaluate and improve programs
• Evaluate effectiveness of health department programming through performance management techniques and quality improvement projects
• Participate in the department’s strategic planning process

System Management
10. Contribute to and apply the evidence base of public health
• Participate in local and statewide research projects as assigned
• Actively participate in the local health department national accreditation process
• Perform public health preparedness duties as assigned in the Public Health Emergency Response Plan

-Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing with requirements that meet HSS 139.
-The ideal candidate will have clinical or student nursing experience with a local health department in Wisconsin as part of their education.
-Licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State of Wisconsin.
-CPR/AED Certification

Deadline Note:

WCA Services, Inc., along with the Public Finance Authority (PFA), presented PAVE, a local domestic violence shelter in Dodge Co., with a donation today to support their work serving those affected by violence. Thank you @repborn for attending & your ongoing support of PAVE.

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