Multi Media/Public Relations Coordinator

Application Deadline: 2024-04-30
Job Type: County
Job Description:


This position is responsible for creating, maintaining, and executing a comprehensive communications strategy that advances the Winnebago County Health Department’s community visibility and engagement. Strategies include media relationships, social media, and direct relationships with community partners, advocates, residents, and staff. Represents the department as Public Information Officer as requested in public health crisis, emergency response, or routine programming. Develops graphic design and web content and provides communications training to build staff capacity.


1. Develops, maintains, and updates communications content of the health department, not limited to: program promotional materials, websites, social media accounts, online messaging and presence, intranet, and file tree.

2. Coordinates with staff on the marketing and communications aspects of department planning and project development to promote community participation and feedback. Works closely with leadership to refine messages and presentations.

3. Monitors the media for issues relevant to health department activity, concern, or influence, and develops a plan of reaction. Issues press releases about emergencies or about crisis-related issues within the community.


1. Enhances internal communications by collecting and curating content from all divisions to share in multiple formats, such as intranet, emails, or posters.
2. Coordinates a consistent organizational brand for all communication materials. Trains WCHD staff on brand standards and make templates available for department consistency.
3. Builds relationships with local media, community agencies, and members who are committed to improving the health of the community.
4. Responds to all media requests and coordinates expert content and coaching for interviews.
5. Educates the public about various health issues to encourage civic participation and feedback on policy.
6. Participates in public health emergency response training and drills and serves as a reserve Public Information Officer (PIO) in cases of need for Winnebago County.
7. Reports to work as called in 24/7 in a public health crisis or emergency, and performs public health emergency response duties as assigned and consistent with training provided.
8. Works with administration specialists to facilitate and coordinate meetings for leadership and staff as requested.
9. Provides media and communications training and continuing education for departmental staff. Guides internship opportunities that develop communications competencies among a public health workforce.
10. Collects, analyzes, summarizes, and develops written reports and visual presentations of health data and trends relevant to WCHD. Contributes to the development and preparation of proposals for funding from external sources for health promotion and disease prevention initiatives and programs.
11. Participates in improving agency performance, processes, programs, and interventions through continuous quality improvement.
12. Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development by pursuing education, participating in professional committees and workgroups and contributing to a work environment where continual improvements in practice are pursued.
13. Performs other related duties as may be assigned.


1. Reports to Director of Public Health.
2. Works with all staff, community partners and customers.


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Journalism, Health Education, or closely related field plus three years professional work experience within a public health setting, or equivalent combination of closely related education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skill, and abilities.


1. Strong understanding of targeted, culturally appropriate information to help individuals and groups understand health promotion and disease prevention information, policies, regulations, and local code.
2. Strong understanding of social media tools and optimizing exposure and engagement.
3. Website management experience, including basic knowledge of html code and content management systems highly preferred.
4. Advanced computer skills and software knowledge: full Office Suite, Google Applications, graphic design (e.g., Canva and Publisher), and social media tools (Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).
5. Knowledge of authorship and publication copyrights and requirements.
6. Possess strong writing skills with understanding of content strategy.
7. Strong understanding of scientific/technical information with the ability to simplify content for public messaging (infographics, FAQs).
8. Demonstrates ability to effectively present data to address scientific, political, ethical, and social public health issues.
9. Ability to research new communication tools and advise WCHD staff on best practices.
10. Ability to work independently in a variety of situations; work on several major projects simultaneously and under pressure to meet deadlines; follow through on tasks with minimal supervision.
11. Access to a motor vehicle and commitment to meet and maintain the County’s automobile insurance requirements.
12. Ability to apply time-management skills, exercise independent judgment, and prioritize workload.
13. Ability to accommodate flexible scheduling to address program needs.
14. Ability to effectively collaborate with community partners, co-workers, and representatives of other government agencies.
15. Knowledge and ability to coordinate and facilitate community meetings.


1. Ability to perform most work from a sedentary position.
2. Ability to function in situations encountered in a normal office setting.
3. Ability to use standard office equipment including telephone, computer, printer, photocopier, and scanner.
4. Ability to travel to other County departments and locations.
5. Engage in the following movements: climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, standing, walking, lifting, fingering, grasping. Feeling and writing and repetitive motions.
6. Ability to work in adverse weather conditions, and uncomfortable indoor environments during a public health crisis or emergency. Work performed in the community is sometimes subject to conditions that range from inclement weather to dangerous conditions such as ice/snow, cold, heat, noise, wetness/humidity, vibration, sudden temperature changes, and poor illumination at the job site or due to travel on the job. Travel to and from field locations may subject worker to increased risk of driving hazards. Community locations may subject worker to communicable diseases, insects and other disease vectors, toxins, hazardous materials, chemicals and animals.
7. Exert up to 30 pounds of force occasionally, and negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.
8. Hearing ability sufficient enough to communicate with others effectively in person and over the phone.
9. Visual ability must be sufficient enough to read typewritten documents, computer screen and drive a car.
10. Employees may occasionally need to relate to members of the public who exhibit challenging, atypical or hostile behaviors and/or communication.

Deadline Note: Recruitment is ongoing