Highway Worker

Application Deadline: 2022-11-25
Job Type: County
Job Description:

This position is responsible for current road maintenance and operating various highway construction equipment. A variety of functions related to highway operations and maintenance including patching pavement, crack filling, removing debris, brushing, liter pick up, operating mowing equipment, routine mechanical maintenance on mowing equipment, traffic control, lawn care, cleaning shop and equipment and other routine labor work. Assignments given change from day to day and from season to season. Regular attendance and punctuality along with being prepared to commence work at designated work locations, on the assigned or scheduled days and hours is expected. Responsible for providing truthful and accurate written and verbal communications.
Essential Job Functions
Perform general routine maintenance on County, State, and Local roadways.
Operates single, tandem, tri, quad axle trucks and semi-tractor with dump bodies.
Operate grader, front end loader, or truck for winter snow and ice control.
Operates a variety of department construction and maintenance equipment including but not limited to skid steers, loaders, rollers, compactors, chain saws, crack filling equipment, shouldering equipment, tractors, mowers, sweepers and sign truck.
Operates hot mix asphalt equipment and crushing equipment.
Control traffic around highway construction area.
Maintain, install, and inventory signs and sign equipment.
Maintains and repairs department equipment, facilities and materials.
Perform general mechanic maintenance duties to include but not limited to, changing oil, greasing machinery, changing grader blades, welding, and using cutting torch.
Complete other manual and clerical duties related to highway operations as may be required.
Observes proper safety rules and traffic laws to avoid employee injuries and traffic accidents.
Responsible for data entry as it relates to daily work assignments and scheduled work days/hours.

General Job Functions
Performs a variety of highway operations and maintenance functions.
Complete a daily accounting of labor, equipment, and material used on specific projects for billing services to clients.
Ability to operate small tractors and mowing equipment.
Ability to operate riding lawn mowers with hydrostatic drive.
Ability to operate a variety of small equipment for routine road maintenance.

Training and Experience
High school diploma or equivalent.
Commercial Wisconsin driver’s license must be obtained within one year of hire. Endorsement N is desirable for anyone that currently has a valid CDL. It is expected that at 6 months from hire the candidate will have their Federal Medical certificate, temporary CDL and will have started their practice driving.
Licensed Miner as required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) must be obtained within one year of hire.
Training or skill in welding and mechanics is beneficial.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required
Ability to read, comprehend, and communicate, both verbally and in writing.
Ability to operate road construction equipment in a safe and effective manner.
Ability to read a grade level. Requires basic knowledge of road construction, demonstrated with six (6) to twelve (12) months of progressive road construction work experience.
Knowledge of traffic laws and weight limits.
Knowledge of the location of state, county, city and town roads.
Capable of performing varied assignments from one day to another.
Ability to use tact and courtesy in maintaining an effective working relationship with department employees, county supervisors, county officials, and general public.


Deadline Note: