Finance Director

Application Deadline: 2024-04-12
Job Type: County
Job Description:

I. Position Summary

This position description has been prepared to assist in evaluating duties, responsibilities, and skills of the position. It is not intended as a complete list of specific responsibilities and duties, nor is it intended to limit duties to those listed.

The purpose of the Finance Director is to oversee and manage a variety of technical work in the preparation, review, and presentation of the County’s financial information and internal control structure. The Finance Director provides advice to the County Board, County officials and employees regarding financial matters for Vernon County.

II. Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Establishes and maintains countywide accounting and reporting systems pursuant to Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and other regulatory requirements.
• Oversees the Finance Department, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, journal entries, and general ledger management functions.
• Establishes, implements, and monitors county-wide policies in financial procedures, fiscal reporting, accounting methods, budget preparation, debt administration, and cash management.
• Coordinates with financial staff in various County departments to ensure continuity of financial practices throughout the County.
• Provides financial analysis and recommendations on complex issues, opportunities and problems facing the county.
• Provides advice, counsel, and direction to department heads to ensure effective administration and implementation of approved budgets, fiscal policies, plans, and programs.
• Develops credibility for the finance group by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial reports, and financial trends in order to assist the County Board and Department Heads in performing their responsibilities.
• Recommends changes in accounting methods and systems; oversees the installation of new accounting systems and procedures.
• Plans, organizes, and supervises budget preparation activities; assists the County Administrative Coordinator in reviewing departmental budgets and preparing the Administrative Coordinator’s Budget; assists Finance Committee and County Board in its review of the annual budget; oversees final publication of the Adopted Budget.
• Analyzes trends in the financial data and performs analysis of budgetary variances to assist with the County’s budgeting and reporting processes.
• Assesses capital and operating needs and assists with developing processes that identify and rank priorities in accordance with the County’s strategic plan.
• Evaluate and advise on the impact of long-range planning, introduction of new programs/strategies and regulatory action.
• Advise and plan debt management to ensure the most efficient use of the County’s capacity of borrowed funds and taxpayer levy.
• Coordinates and supervises the maintenance of a county-wide capital asset inventory.
• Provides support to other departments for various quantitative analyses, including calculation of employee pay increases, contract, and claim settlements.
• Provides oversight and coordinates filing of reports required by Federal, State, and other authoritative agencies in a timely and accurate manner.
• Performs statutory duties of a County Auditor.
• Participates in the collective bargaining process.
• Develop Finance Committee agenda.
• This position is responsible for the direct supervision of the staff within the Finance Department.
• And other duties as assigned.

III. Related Job Functions

• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with co-workers and others.
• Attends staff meetings, training sessions, off-site classes, and seminars related to job skills.
• Performs routine clerical tasks such as sorting, indexing, recording, filing, and typing as required.
• Is familiar with Federal, State, and local agencies and their programs and coordinates these programs with County programs.
• Performs related work as required or directed.

IV. Physical Demands

• Extended periods of sitting at a desk or in meetings.
• Working on a computer for long durations.
• Attending and leading presentations, which may require standing or walking.
• Traveling occasionally for meetings, conferences, or to visit other company locations.
• Handling documents, files, and paperwork related to financial transactions and reports.
• Occasional lifting or moving of office equipment or supplies.

V. Education and Training Requirements

• Required: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or another related field; 5+ years financial management experience
• Preferred: 2 years financial management experience in the public sector
• Any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.

Deadline Note: