Early Childhood Teacher

Application Deadline: 2022-05-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
The Brown County Children with Disabilities Education Board (BCCDEB) provides funding for and supports the Early Childhood Programs in four public school districts within Brown County (West De Pere, Unified School District of De Pere, Wrightstown & Denmark). Joining our collaborative Brown County Early Childhood team, the exact assignment is yet to be determined, but one full time (1.0 FTE) and one part time (.60 FTE) are anticipated needing to be filled beginning in the 2022-23 school year.

Essential Duties
Position Purpose: This position is responsible for providing diagnostic, consultative, prescriptive and instructional services to children with special education needs. In collaboration with the student’s family, this will be done by developing and implementing a dynamic, relevant and personalized education for each of our students.

Essential Functions
1. Provide services to families and children from ages 3 to 6: developmental evaluation, child and family assessment, family-centered services, service coordination, direct services and collaborative consultation with staff, parents, agency personnel, and administrators.
2. Facilitates the referral process including initial contact with families.
3. Provides comprehensive evaluation for children age 3 to 6 and referring them for the supports they need: motor skills, cognition, communication and social-emotional areas. Family assessment, clinical observation, a developmental and health history will also be completed along with a written evaluation report.
4. Supports the family by relating this information to the needs of the child, and by providing strategies and resources to assist the family in addressing the child’s needs.
5. Provides periodic home visits to the child and family providing support to enhance parent-child interactions and developmental guidance. Supports the family in providing an appropriate environment and activities and strategies to enhance their child’s development.
6. Provides developmental supports, services, and ongoing assessments in natural environments for Early On children, age 3 and up.
7. Collaborates with appropriate community resources and medical providers to facilitate services and supports for the child and family.
8. To have a complete understanding of and an ability to implement best practices of working with children who have intellectual disabilities and autism. Best practices include but are not limited to substantial knowledge of the child with ID, using positive effective redirecting activities making responsible decisions, demonstrating flexibility, etc.
9. To plan, implement, evaluate and continuously improve Community Based Instruction (CBI) activities that allow students to generalize skills learned in class in the community.
10. In consultation with parents and classroom teachers, develop an IEP, meet with student’s
parent/guardians annually to review the IEP and continually review the student’s IEP and update the plan as objectives and goals are achieved.
11. Formally reevaluate students enrolled in the program every three years.
12. Provide instructional services necessary to achieve the goals and objectives listed in a student’s IEP by developing and implementing personalized and relevant lesson plans.
13. To correctly complete all IEP related paperwork on a timely basis.
14. To work collaboratively with the assigned instructional aides, general education teachers, therapists and other specialists.
15. To assume academic and social responsibilities in the classroom and community.
16. In collaboration with the school nurse, ensure the development and implementation of the child’s health plan.
17. To respond in an appropriate and timely manner to medical and other emergencies of both children assigned as well as children assigned to other staff.
18. To use the approach of positive redirection when dealing with all children.
19. To communicate effectively and positively with students, parents, staff, administration and
community members/agencies.
20. To use effective and positive behavior management skills that address the safety of all children, the development and enforcement of class and school rules and the assurance of fair treatment for all children.
21. All other duties as assigned and performance of related work as required.

Minimum Qualifications Required

Bachelor’s Degree

Early Childhood – Special Education

Additional Requirements
Letters of Recommendation
Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications


Deadline Note:

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