Deputy Sheriff

Application Deadline: 2023-06-02
Job Type: County
Job Description:

TITLE:                       DEPUTY SHERIFF




WAGE:                     $28.65 TO $34.31/hour depending on experience.


Under the general supervision of the Sheriff, serves and protects the citizenry by maintaining law and order, preventing crime, preserving the peace, controlling traffic, and by making arrests, working a schedule in accordance with the needs of the Sheriff’s Office.


Responds to and conducts initial felony, misdemeanor, forfeiture, ordinance and accident investigations, interrogates individuals, issues warnings and citations, and conducts arrests when appropriate.
Dictates and/or prepares detailed reports of arrests and investigations according to department policy.
Responds to incidents and complaints from citizens, acting as First Responder when necessary.
Collects and preserves evidence in accordance with appropriate procedures; appears as witness in court, providing clear and accurate testimony. 
Delivers and serves warrants on individuals, transporting individuals to jail as directed by the warrant.
Provides search and rescue operations, as needed; responds to emergency situations and major disasters.
Transports prisoners, serves civil process and provides safety escorts on public roadways.
Performs other related duties, as assigned.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with various officials, agencies, co-workers and the general public on a daily basis in a positive manner.
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing in English.
Ability to understand, retain and follow written oral instruction in English.
Thorough knowledge of the operations and requirements of a Sheriff’s Office to ensure efficient and effective operation at all times.
Ability to apply effective problem-solving techniques such as conflict resolution.
Ability to react quickly, efficiently and calmly in an emergency situation and adopt an effective course of action.
Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality in all aspects of job functions.
Working knowledge of County and Sheriff’s Office rules, policies and procedures with the ability and skill to apply them to various situations.
Considerable knowledge of and ability to explain and enforce federal, state and county laws, ordinances and regulations; knowledge of civil and criminal law.
Knowledge, skill and ability to appropriately engage the methods and practices employed in the detection and apprehension of criminals.
Ability to maintain composure and exercise sound judgment, especially in emergency situations. 
Ability and skill in the use of firearms and defense and arrest tactics; demonstrated ability to comply with defined safety regulations.
Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide and complete simple mathematical calculations.
Ability to budget time and schedule work to efficiently complete assigned tasks.
Ability to meet department standards of physical condition.
Skill in the use of a Police vehicle, departmental issued firearms, bullet resistant vest, handcuffs, radar, police radio, siren, emergency lights, OC spray, fire extinguisher, office equipment, computer and software, PBT, telephone, cuff belt, ankle restraints, Taser, recording devices, flash light, spot light, car opening tools, pry bar, flares, traffic cones, first aid kit, bio-hazard kit, MDC, TIME System and all other software programs used by the Sheriff’s Office, printer, baton, Defibrillator and CPR mask. May be required to carry and answer an assigned cell phone and be subject to call-out. 

EDUCATION:  High school graduate or equivalent with 60 post-high school credits required.

 EXPERIENCE / JOB KNOWLEDGE:  Civil or military law enforcement work or any equivalent combination of education or experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.

At the time of hire, requirements include Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) Basic Police Certification with arrest powers. Must qualify annually or as required by LESB Unified Tactical Concepts Must possess and maintain a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License with visual acuity correctable to 20/20.  Must obtain CPR/AED and TIME certifications within the probationary period and retain those certifications for term of employment in the position.

Deadline Note: