Civil Engineer

Application Deadline: 2023-04-11
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
Performs advanced work in the areas of civil engineering under direction of the Engineering Manager; AutoCAD and Civil 3D computer design work on the development of road, intersection, and bridge construction plans, field construction grade staking, and inspection; topographic surveying; develops and inspects stormwater management plans and field practices; and carries out traffic studies for intersection improvement project design. Serve as project engineer/manager for both in-house and outside highway projects. Complete tasks that may require assistance to the Engineering Manager coordinating with and providing direction to county employees, outside contractors, utilities, land owners, residents, etc.
Essential Duties
Performs AutoCAD and Civil 3D computer design work on the development of construction plans for roadway, bridge, intersection, parking lot, and bicycle/pedestrian trail improvement projects (construction plans include: plan and profile sheets, standard detail sheets, quantities and cross-sections). Prepares engineering plans, specifications, cost estimates and budgets for projects.

Administers and coordinates the development of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WisDNR) required stormwater management plans for construction projects; develops, files and coordinates WisDNR stormwater management and wetland impact permits; inspects erosion control field devices to ensure compliance with WisDNR regulations and stormwater management plans.

Performs complex skilled technical civil engineering field survey work for the development of roadway, intersection, and bridge construction plans.

Conducts field engineering survey construction work in setting grades and reference points for construction crews.

Inspects, assists, and directs the highway crew workers, third-party subcontractors and utility workers in carrying out road, intersection and bridge construction work; calculates field quantities and compares to the contractor invoices for payment; develops and coordinates, with Engineering Manager, construction change orders; makes field decisions on utility conflicts; reports construction conflicts and problems to the Engineering Manager; coordinates construction project traffic control for worker and motorist safety.

Assists the Engineering Manager regarding road construction material cost and quantity calculations and estimates; assists other county departments on the development of plans and cost estimates on road, parking lot, and drainage pond projects. Prepares cost estimates for major road and bridge construction projects.

Assists in the design of County bridges, box culverts and culvert pipes. Performs hydraulic analysis and permitting.

Performs bridge inspections per FHWA National Highway institutions requirements.

Assists the Business Manager with the local bridge aid program.

Designs layout for county road round-abouts and intersections, traffic signals, and video detectors.

Prepares detailed highway design investigation reports, per Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) regulations on wetland impact, environmental impact, archeological and historical surveys, pavement design, underground soil contamination, utility coordination and relocation, and railroad crossings.

Conducts manual and mechanical impulse traffic volume counts; compiles traffic accident data.

Performs related functions as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications Required
Education and Experience:

Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

Licenses and Certifications:

Valid Wisconsin Class D Driver’s License
Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Working knowledge of the modern principles and practices of civil engineering, especially in the areas of highway design and traffic engineering.

Some knowledge of computerized department program software, internet access, and database, spreadsheet and word processing programs.

Working knowledge of project management requirements, timelines, and tools.

Ability to utilize word processing, database and spreadsheet programs.

Working knowledge of highway construction and drainage construction, survey methods, materials, maintenance, and equipment.

Working knowledge of the laws, codes, and regulations pertaining to the construction of roadways.

Working knowledge of the procedures and practices applied in the inspection of work and materials used in highway construction.

Ability to make complex mathematical computations, and to use surveying, drafting, and electronic calculating equipment.

Ability to analyze data, research information, and compile the results into detailed recommendations.

Ability to read construction plans and to interpret specifications.

Ability to keep accurate and detailed records and field notes, and to write detailed technical reports.

Ability to establish and maintain effective public and working relations.

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and the general public.

Ability to work required hours of the position.

Deadline Note: