Child Protective Services (CPS) Case Manager

Application Deadline: Application open until Filled
Job Type: County
Job Description:
Position Purpose
To provide social work services, including:  investigations, on-going case management, ACCESS and Intake, assessments, and counseling in Child Protective Services under the supervision of a certified social worker, Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice to children and families in Bayfield County
A. Minimum of a four year degree from an accredited college social work degree preferred but will consider:  sociology, psychology, criminal justice or other approved human services program
B. Working towards certification as a social worker in the state of Wisconsin and granted a time limited extension of securing social work certification while in the required SW testing phase.
C. Minimum of one year experience providing social work to children and families
D. Experience in computer use and keyboarding (40 wpm) including Microsoft software including word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, etc.
E. Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Interpersonal Skills
1) Recognizes and acknowledges the feelings of others and demonstrates respect for families
2) Recognizes the importance of dealing with difficult issues within families in a purposeful and meaningful manner to facilitate hope/vision/change
3)Identifies, with the family, strengths that can be linked to promoting change
4)Facilitates a team approach with the family and other providers
5)Persists in engaging families, gathering information, and seeking out resources
Personal/Professional Awareness
1) Recognizes/respects needs and beliefs of individuals of diverse cultures
2)Understands that people can change and integrates this belief into case practice3)Understands how values, style and background can impact objectivity/bias
4) Identifies personal strengths and limitations and understands how this is related to their professional role
5) Displays an ability to be decisive and makes sound logical decisions that can be supported.
6) Displays openness to new information
7) Displays positive outlook and approach to work, clients, and challenges related to job and job functions.
Analytical Thinking
1) Uses conceptual frameworks (e.g. family systems theory) in gathering information and in decision-making
2) Interprets underlying causes of situations or behaviors
3) Displays an ability to gather information from a variety of sources and understands family situations/conditions/dynamics
Communication Skills
1) Creates situations that allow for open communication with families and collateral providers
2) Communicates clearly and accurately, orally and in writing
3)Uses interviewing techniques/methods that assist in eliciting essential information
Organizational Skills
1)Uses effective time management techniques
2)Documents cases accurately
Examples of Duties
A. Provide Child Protective Services Investigations and ongoing services under the supervision of a certified social worker
B. Provides ACCESS services related to child abuse/neglect, child welfare, and law enforcement referrals
C. Provides assessment, conducts home visits and supervised visitation, provides counseling and case management services to children, individuals, and families for court-ordered and voluntary cases related to child protection, child welfare, delinquency, and status offenses under the supervision of a certified social worker
D. Provide children’s Juvenile Court Intake services for the purpose of screening children/youth taken into custody
E. Conduct intake inquiry interviews with children, youth and families
F. Make decisions/recommendations regarding law enforcement and non-law enforcement intake referrals including case closure, informal disposition, deferred prosecution or court petitioning under the supervision of a certified social worker
G. Determine the range of services needed by individuals and families through interviews, home visits, collateral contacts, etc.
H. Provides families with information specific to their financial obligations for repayment for services provided
I. Attends court hearings and provides written reports and testimony
J. Monitors compliance with court orders
K. Coordinates services with other agencies/disciplines/community members such as law enforcement, schools, attorneys, mental health, and alcohol and other drug, etc.
L. Provides evening and weekend on-call services including assessment, provides crisis intervention, takes and transports children subject to temporary physical custody orders, makes custody decisions and referrals
M. Completes case-related documents including correspondence, case decisions, and general documentation
N. Arranges evaluation services to assist with family assessment decisions
O. Prepares families for court hearings by explaining the process and by sharing recommendations
P. Participates in section and department meetings, work-related committees, and trainings
Q. Participates in the Child Abuse Response Effort (C.A.R.E.) Team
R. Assists in development, coordination and participate in the multi-discipline coordination teams; including the Child Death Review Team
S. Acts as the child abuse and neglect electronic data base “Super-User” for Children and Families Section
T. Provides informational presentations to other staff, professionals, and community groups related to department programs and policies
U. Participates in supervision/consultation
V. Performs other duties as assigned
Contacts with Public – Nature of and Frequency
Office, telephone, electronic, home visits, and written contact daily.  Contacts may be with consumers, staff, other county departments and employees, other organizations and the general public.  Contacts may be made to assist, advise, direct, clarify, or to plan or coordinate Department efforts.
Physical Demands
A. Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time while performing duties
B. Ability to drive
C. Ability to lift up to 20 pounds
D. Ability to work out in the field
E. Requires physical demands such as seeing, hearing, and color perception to make judgments both in the office and out in the field

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