Captain – Support Services Division

Application Deadline: 2023-02-07
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
Direct and supervise the operations and conduction of all activities within the realm of the Support Services Division.

1 – Lieutenant
3 – Sergeants
10 – Patrolmen
1 Warrant Clerk (Clerk Typist III)
2 Civil Process Clerks (Clerk Typist III)
3 Records Clerks (Clerk Typist III)
1 Information Services Employees
2 Garage Mechanics
Special Deputy Transport Agents

Essential Duties
Oversee the accurate keeping of all criminal, traffic, civil process, financial, and department personnel records.

General oversight of all computer systems including but not limited to operations and interfaces to:

Law Enforcement and Jail records systems
State of Wisconsin TRACS Application
Computer Aided Dispatch systems
All point of view, interview room and building camera systems
Crime Analysis systems and services
Communication systems including law enforcement radio and phone systems
Access control systems
Maintenance and upkeep of Sheriff’s Office website
Any other electronic system or service necessary for the operations of the Sheriff’s Office
Oversight of the officer body worn and squad car camera system.

Oversight of the camera/digital evidence system.

Oversite of crime analyst and crime mapping technology.

Oversight of Court Security Operations.

Oversight of transportation of prisoners as well as oversight of contracted services for transportation of prisoners.

Liaison with Towns and Villages regarding statistical information and provide detailed presentations when requested to do so.

Computer data management coordinator and security officer.

Computer data training coordinator for Sheriff’s Office and other agencies accessing the system.

Coordinate reports for other jurisdictions and contracted villages.

Prepare bid/proposal specifications for major equipment purchase.

Create and implement special program projects.

Act as liaison between the department and the county Payroll, Human Resources, Land Information Office Counsel, and Department of Technology Services.

Participate in department personnel management relative to labor contract negotiations/interpretations, grievance procedures.

By Wisconsin State Statute, designated as the department’s “Custodian of the Records.”

Primary State of Wisconsin Time Agency Coordinator (TAC) officer for the Sheriff’s Office, responsible for compliance with WI DOJ, NCIC and CJIS requirements and audits.

Oversight of the reporting of all National Incident Based Reporting.

Record “validation officer” for Wisconsin and Federal records.

Interpret and implement operational and procedural policies for the division.

Assist the Sheriff in the compilation of the division budget and monitor division expenditures.

Limited English Proficiency Coordinator for the department

Other related duties as assigned by the Chief Deputy and Sheriff.

Coordinate the perpetual inventory/location of department equipment, supplies, and materials.

Deadline Note: