Assistant Corporation Counsel

Application Deadline: 2022-05-30
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Purpose of the Position

The purpose of the Assistant Corporation Counsel is to serve as civil legal counsel for Sauk County, pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 59.42, as directed by the Corporation Counsel. The primary focus of this position will be Child in Need of Protection and Services cases, Termination of Parental Rights cases, Juvenile Guardianships and providing legal advice regarding other various legal issues involving the Department of Human Services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Provide legal counsel and represent the Sauk County Department of Human Services in all children in need of protective services proceeding, termination of parental rights proceedings, juvenile guardianship proceedings, and associated child abuse/neglect issues.

• Advise law enforcement, medical professionals, mental health professionals, and social workers in handling and investigating social service matters.

• Represent the interests of the public or the County in court, including probably cause hearings, plea hearings, fact-finding hearings, dispositional hearings, emergency hearings, court trials and jury trials.

• Represent the interest of the Public or the County in appellate court proceedings including drafting appellate briefs, appellate motion practice and oral arguments when necessary.

• Represent the County, plan for, conduct and direct proceedings in a variety of civil matters in representing the interest of the County in matters including mental commitments; protective placements, and guardianships. Review legal evidence provided by law enforcement and medical personnel to determine whether sufficient evidence exist to commence court proceedings. Draft pleadings and other court documents; prepare for trial by conferring with relevant parties; interviewing witnesses; negotiating possible resolutions. Present evidence at trials, prepare court orders and oversee court actions until their conclusion.

• Provide legal counsel and represent the Sauk County Child Support Agency by appearing on behalf of the Agency, preparing and reviewing related pleadings, stipulations, orders, warrants, petitions, summons, motions, and judgements, establishing paternity, establishing and enforcing child and medical support actions, handling interstate cases, negotiating settlement agreements, and obtaining State approval for expungement of balances.

• Represent the County and State of Wisconsin in legal matters pertaining to the establishment of paternity of non-marital children and the establishment and collection of child support, medical support, or medical assistance. Facilitate resolution of these issues without litigation or presents evidence in court. Appear at divorce hearings or other court hearings, as needed.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

• Prepare and file court documents such as petitions, subpoenas, motions, orders, stipulations, discovery requests, affidavits, and briefs.

• Assist the Corporation Counsel with formation and review of ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and interpretation of statues, rules, regulations, and duties of County Board and County officials.

• Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Ability to communicate by managing, directing, teaching, controlling, counseling, mediating, convincing and persuading others.

• Advisory data and information such as requests for opinions, resolutions, time sheets, vouchers, meeting minutes, agendas, ordinances, laws, legal text, reference material, various manuals, judicial opinion, contracts, requests for proposals, bid documents, trial calendars, economic analysis, organizational analysis, and routine and non-routine correspondence.

• Verbally and in writing with county personnel, County Board of Supervisors, state and federal legislators, judges, attorneys, witnesses, social workers, medical personnel, auditors, consultants, news media representatives, and the general public.

• Explain, demonstrate, and clarify to others established policies, procedures, and standards.

• Calculating algebraic and trigonometric formulas and equation data, and interpreting basic statistical reports
• Decide the time, place, and sequence of operations within a system or organizational framework and oversee its execution.

• Compare, count, differentiate, measure, sort, classify, compute, tabulate, and/or categorize data and/or information.

• Assemble, copy, record, and transcribe data and/or information.

• Analyze data and information using established criteria to define consequences and consider and select alternatives.

• Apply functional and situational reasoning by exercising judgement, decisiveness, and creativity in everyday routine and non-routine situations.

• Use fine and gross motor skills to perform tasks such as operating a keyboard, photocopier, telephone, calculator, and computer printer.

• Exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, involving lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling.

• Recognize and identify degrees of similarity and differences between characteristics of colors, forms, sounds, odors, textures, etc. associated with objects, materials, and ingredients.


Safe and comfortable in respects to noise and disease, with the potential for exposure to violence.

Required Working Hours

Standard working hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. Please note these hours are subject to change and additional hours may be needed or required. Compensation for additional hours beyond normal working hours are subject to applicable state and federal regulations.

Education and Experience Requirements

Required: Juris Doctorate degree from an ABA accredited law school
Admission to the Wisconsin Bar, with current active bar membership
One (1) year government legal experience in cases involving Wis. Stat. Chs. 48, 51, 54 and 55. Student practice experience will be considered.

Preferred: Two (2) or more years of experience in Wis. Stat. Chs. 48, 51, 54 and 55 cases.

Any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.

Deadline Note:

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