Agronomist Technician

Application Deadline: 2023-06-13
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
Provides technical assistance to county landowners related to the adaptation and enforcement of conservation tillage, nutrient management practices, and integrated pest management practices along with implementation of federal, state and county standards and ordinances.

Essential Duties
Develop programs to provide information, education, and technical assistance to landowners regarding the use of conservation tillage systems and nutrient management practices to ensure compliance with State Ag Performance Standards and local ordinances.

Conduct on-site visits with landowners to determine current compliance status with all applicable County, State and Federal ordinances or standards and provides the necessary technical assistance and guidance to help landowners achieve compliance.

Maintains accurate data on crop field tillage, rotations and residue management results and reviews them with the landowner/operators.

Determine landowner eligibility for the Working Lands Initiative Program based on present cropland management and current soil erosion prediction model calculations using SNAP-Plus and RUSLE2.

Work with landowners to develop conservation plans that maintain compliance with the Working Lands Initiative Program requirements and state and county standards and ordinances.

Annually review nutrient management plans submitted by landowners to ensure compliance with state and local programs and ordinances, specifically NRCS Code 590.

Ensure landowners are provided sufficient and accurate information and technical support to correctly implement nutrient management, and other soil and water conservation practices to ensure compliance with applicable State Ag-Performance Standards and county ordinances.

Develop winter spreading plans.

Develop cost-share agreements with landowners for nutrient management planning. Ensures financial and administrative procedures are completed; maintains costs of agreements, amendments, cost share calculations, funding/grant proposals, project and cost certifications.

Ensure that working relationships are well maintained with all landowners, agencies, and governmental units.


Performs related functions as assigned.


Computer – MS Office, ArcView


General Office Equipment

Minimum Qualifications Required
Education and Experience:

B.S. or Associate Degree in Agronomy, Natural Resource Management, Soil Science, Watershed Management or a related field of study or a combination of training and direct experience.

5 years experience, or equivalent, in an Agronomy related position with knowledge of conservation tillage, residue management, nutrient management, and current farming practices.

WI Certified Crop Advisor (CCA)

RUSLE2 and SNAP-Plus computer model experience required.

ArcGIS experience preferred.

Licenses and Certifications:

Valid Driver’s License

WI Agronomic certification (CCA, CPAg, or SSSA)

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Thorough knowledge and ability to apply principles of soil erosion control methods, nutrient management, and soil health.

Ability to interpret and analyze soil test reports.

Ability to investigate and evaluate animal waste ordinance violations and report finds clearly and concisely to both the department and Corporation Counsel.

Ability to use computers and applicable software including spreadsheet, word processing, RUSLE2, SNAP-Plus and ArcGIS.

Possess good mathematical skills.

Ability to interpret aerial photography, aerial slides, soils maps, USGS quadrangles, and to use in-field measuring devices.

Knowledge of programs and responsibilities of the County Land and Water Conservation Department; USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service; WI Dept. of Natural Resources; and WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; US EPA; UW Extension; and non-government organizations.

Ability to understand and apply soil and water resource management planning methods.

Knowledge of Wisconsin State Statues regarding conservation programs administered by the County and other state soil and water programs.

Knowledge of cover crop species, planting, management, and termination.

Knowledge of proper planting techniques, no-till planter set-up, and planter calibration

Knowledge of County water and soil standards, DNR and DATCP programs and reporting procedures.

Knowledge of County and township zoning ordinances.

Knowledge of the Brown County Code of Ordinances.

Knowledge of agronomy, animal husbandry/biology, farming practices, nutrient management and soil sciences of the economics of conservation practices.

Ability to analyze data and formulate solutions to erosion and conservation problems.

Ability to prepare and give presentations through training sessions with associations, community groups, schools, governmental entities and professionals regarding nutrient management and conservation practices.

Ability to promote and persuade landowners to use proven conservation ideas.

Ability to apply for grants through both state and federal agencies.

Ability to address hostile citizens and employees in a tactful manner.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, landowners, contractors, government officials, and the public.

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Physical Demands:

Ability to walk long distances in fields, along uneven terrain.

Intermittent sitting, standing, and walking; occasional driving.

Lifting 50 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 20 pounds.

Withstanding temperature changes in the work environment.

Distinguishing people or objects at varied distances under a variety of light conditions.

Distinguishing sounds at various frequencies and volumes.

Tolerating exposure to outside/site elements such as heat, cold, water, mud, animal waste, dust, pollen and fumes.

Deadline Note: