Richland County

Richland County
Town of Sabin, Richland County; Photographer: Len Harris
County Seat: Richland Center

181 W. Seminary St.

City: Richland Center
Zip: 53581
Phone: 608-647-2197
Land Area: 586.3 sq. miles
Elevation: 731 ft. at Richland Center
Number of Lakes: 9
Area in Lakes: 251 acres (0.39 sq. miles)
Rivers: Kickapoo, Little Baraboo, Pine, Wisconsin
Major Watershed: Wisconsin River
Geographical Province: Western Uplands

Mostly sugar maple, basswood and elm. Southeast: Mostly bur oak, white oak and elm. Along the Wisconsin River in the Southwest: Willow, soft maple and ash.


1930: 19,525
1970: 17,079
1980: 17,476
1990: 17,521
2000: 17,924
2010: 18,021
2020: 17,304

WCA District: Southern

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