Price County

Price County
Town of Spirit, Price County; Photographer: Brian Morren
County Seat: Phillips

126 Cherry St.

City: Phillips
Zip: 54555
Phone: 715-339-3325
Land Area: 1,252.7 sq. miles
Elevation: 1,480 ft. at Phillips; 1,952 ft. at Timms Hill (highest point in Wisconsin); 1,951 ft. at Pearson Hill (second highest point in Wisconsin)
Number of Lakes: 389
Area in Lakes: 15,129 acres (23.64 sq. miles)
Rivers: Chippewa, Elk, Flambeau, Jump, Little Elk, Mondeaux, Somo, Spirit, Willow
Major Watershed: Chippewa River
Geographical Province: Northern Highland

Mostly maple and aspen. North Central, Northeast and Central: Areas of black spruce, tamarack and cedar.


1930: 17,284
1970: 14,520
1980: 15,788
1990: 15,600
2000: 15,822
2010: 14,159
2020: 14,054

WCA District: Northwest

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