Pierce County

Pierce County
Elmwood, Pierce County; Photographer: Hannah Brager
County Seat: Ellsworth

414 W. Main St.

City: Ellsworth
Zip: 54011
Phone: 715-273-3531
Land Area: 576.5 sq. miles
Elevation: 1,226 ft. at Ellsworth
Number of Lakes: 3
Area in Lakes: 6,016 acres (9.4 sq. miles)
Rivers: Big, Eau Galle, Kinnickinnic, Mississippi, Rush, St Croix, Trimbelle
Major Watershed: Mississippi River
Geographical Province: Western Uplands

Approximately 100,146 acres of Pierce County is forested. The most abundant forest-type groups in Pierce County are hardwood types – particularly the oak/hickory and the maple/basswood forest types. Oak and hickory, which comprise approximately 47% of the total forested area, are found in the southern and western parts of the county on lighter soils along the Saint Croix and Mississippi Rivers. Maple and basswood comprise 34% of the total forested area and are found in the central and eastern parts of the county on rich silt loam soils, followed by elm, ash and cottonwood at 9% which are found in bottom lands and floodplains along rivers and major streams, as well as aspen and birch at 9%, which are found in a variety of soils in small bands throughout the county. Pine and spruce comprise approximately 1% of the total forested area and are disbursed throughout the county.


1930: 21,043
1970: 26,652
1980: 31,149
1990: 32,765
2000: 36,804
2010: 41, 019

WCA District: West Central

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