Outagamie County

Outagamie County
View of the 1,000 Islands Environmental Center. Outagamie County; Photographer: Traci Meulemans
County Seat: Appleton

410 S. Walnut St.

City: Appleton
Zip: 54911
Phone: 920-832-1684
Land Area: 640.3 sq. miles
Elevation: 1010 ft. at Ellington
Number of Lakes: 34
Area in Lakes: 283.27 acres (0.44 sq. miles)
Rivers: Embarrass, Fox, Rat, Shioc, Wolf
Major Watershed: Lake Michigan
Geographical Province: Northwest Corner: Central Plain; Central and Southeast: Eastern Ridges and Lowlands

Upland forests on heavier soils (clay and silt loams) are dominated by northern hardwoods, such as sugar maple, basswood, white ash and red oak. Shagbark hickory, white oak and bur oak are more common in the southern townships. Helmock occurs in the northern townships. Upland forests on sandy soils consist of red oak, red maple, aspen, white pine and red pine. In swamps black ash, green ash, elm, soft maple, swamp white oak, white cedar and tamarack are common. In riparian areas silver maple, green ash, swamp white oak, elm and cottonwood are common. Most of the upland sites are cropped, therefore the majority of forests in the county are swamps and riparian forests.


1930: 62,790
1970: 119,398
1980: 128,730
1990: 140,510
2000: 160,971
2010: 176,695
2020: 190,705

WCA District: East Central

County veteran services officers from across the state share how the federal PACT Act is impacting their work in the June 2024 Wisconsin Counties (page 20). https://indd.adobe.com/view/4dda08be-77dc-480c-9301-8fc6ee03443f @NACoTweets

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