Kenosha County

Kenosha County
Genoa City, Kenosha County; Photographer: Michelle Staniec
County Seat: Kenosha

912 56th St.

City: Kenosha
Zip: 53140
Phone: 262-653-2664
Land Area: 272.8 sq. miles
Elevation: 610 ft. at Kenosha
Number of Lakes: 33
Area in Lakes: 3,674 acres (5.74 sq. miles)
Rivers: Des Plaines, Fox, Pike, Root
Major Watershed: Lake Michigan (East), Fox (West)
Geographical Province: Eastern Ridges and Lowlands

Mostly oak savanna, with a strip of sedge meadow through the center from north to south. Northeast: Small area of sugar maple, basswood and elm. East: Prairie bluegrass and composites.


1930: 63,277
1970: 117,917
1980: 123,137
1990: 128,181
2000: 149,577
2010: 166,426
2020: 169,151

WCA District: Southeast

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