Forest County

Forest County
Armstrong Creek, Forest County; Photographer: Jessica Hubert
County Seat: Crandon

200 E. Madison St.

City: Crandon
Zip: 54520
Phone: 715-478-2422
Land Area: 1,014.1 sq. miles
Elevation: 1,629 ft. at Crandon; 1,938 ft. at Sugarbush Hill (third highest point in Wisconsin); 1,875 ft. at East Hill
Number of Lakes: 824
Area in Lakes: 22,531 acres (35.2 sq. miles)
Rivers: Lily, Oconto, Peshtigo, Rat, Wolf
Major Watershed: Lake Michigan (East), Wisconsin River (West)
Geographical Province: Northern Highlands; North and East: Lake Superior Lowlands

Maple, basswood and yellow birch. North Central and East Central: Conifer swamp.


1930: 11,118
1970: 7,691
1980: 9,044
1990: 8,776
2000: 10,024
2010: 9,304
2020: 9,179

WCA District: North Central

WCA President & CEO Mark O'Connell received Racine County Executive @jdelagrave “Community Impact Award” last night for his close working relationship with the county on a variety of projects impacting not only Racine County but also all of Wisconsin. @NACoTweets

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