Fond du Lac County

Fond du Lac County
Town of Horicon, Fond du Lac County; Photographer: Larry Jones
County Seat: Fond du Lac

160 S. Macy St.

City: Fond du Lac
Zip: 54935
Phone: 920-929-3000
Land Area: 723.0 sq. miles
Elevation: 760 ft. at Fond du Lac
Number of Lakes: 42
Area in Lakes: 1,655 acres (2.59 sq. miles)
Rivers: Fond du Lac, Grand, Killsnake, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Mullet, Rock, Sheboygan
Major Watershed: Lake Michigan (West), Rock River (East)
Geographical Province: Eastern Ridges and Lowlands

Areas of sedge meadows and expanses of prairie bluestem and composites. East: Sedge meadow, basswood and elm. West side of Lake Winnebago: Oak savanna, sugar maple, basswood and elm.


1930: 59,883
1970: 84,567
1980: 88,964
1990: 90,083
2000: 97,296
2010: 101,633
2020: 104,154

WCA District: East Central

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