Douglas County

Douglas County
Amnicon State Park, Douglas County; Photographer: Maureen McRaith
County Seat: Superior

1313 Belknap St.

City: Superior
Zip: 54880
Phone: 715-395-1341
Land Area: 1,309.3 sq. miles
Water Area: 170.78 sq. miles
Elevation: 642 ft. at Superior
Number of Lakes: 431
Area in Lakes: 14,113 acres (22.05 sq. miles)
Rivers: Amnicon, Black, Bois Brule, Eau Claire, Middle, Moose, Nemadji, Ounce, Pokegama, Poplar, St. Croix, St. Louis, Spruce, Totagatic, Upper Tamarack
Major Watershed: Lake Superior, St. Croix River (South)
Geographical Province: North: Lake Superior Lowland; Central and South: Northern Highland

Southeast: Northern hardwoods, jack pine and red oak. Southwest: Jack pine, red pine, pin oak. West and West Central: Aspen, northern hardwoods, white birch and balsam fir. North: Balsam fir, white spruce, white pine, aspen, white birch and grassland. West: Aspen, white birch, black spruce, tamarack and cedar.


1930: 46,583
1970: 44,657
1980: 44,421
1990: 41,758
2000: 43,287
2010: 44,159
2020: 44,295

WCA District: Northwest

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