Crawford County

Crawford County
Town of Gays Mills, Crawford County; Photographer: Corey Hapgood
County Seat: Prairie du Chien

200 N. Beaumont Rd.

City: Prairie du Chien
Zip: 53821
Phone: 608-326-0201
Land Area: 572.8 sq. miles
Water Area: 27 sq. miles
Elevation: 632 ft. at Prairie du Chien
Number of Lakes: 77
Area in Lakes: 6,243 acres (9.75 sq. miles)
Rivers: Mississippi, Wisconsin, Kickapoo
Major Watershed: Mississippi River (Northeast), Wisconsin River (Southeast)
Geographical Province: Western Upland

Along Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers: Willows, soft maple and ash. Central: Bur oak, white oak and bluestem. Between river vegetation and central vegetation: Sugar maple, basswood, and elm. East: Sugar maple, basswood and elm. North: Small areas of bluestem and composites.


1930: 16,781
1970: 15,252
1980: 16,556
1990: 15,940
2000: 17,243
2010: 16,644
2020: 16,113

WCA District: Southern

County veteran services officers from across the state share how the federal PACT Act is impacting their work in the June 2024 Wisconsin Counties (page 20). @NACoTweets

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