Buffalo County

Buffalo County
Town of Alma, Buffalo County; Photographer: Steve Kessenich
County Seat: Alma

407 S. 2nd St.

City: Alma
Zip: 54610
Phone: 608-685-6234
Land Area: 685.5 sq. miles
Elevation: 687 ft. at Alma
Number of Lakes: 8
Area in Lakes: 196 acres (0.31 sq. miles)
Rivers: Mississippi, Buffalo, Chippewa, Trempealeau
Major Watershed: Mississippi River
Geographical Province: Western Upland

Mostly oak savanna (bur oak, white oak and bluestem). Northeast: White, black and red oaks. Along the Mississippi River: Willows, soft maple and ash.


1930: 15,330
1970: 13,743
1980: 14,309
1990: 13,584
2000: 13,804
2010: 13,587
2020: 13,317

WCA District: Western

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