Brown County

Brown County
Town of Green Bay, Brown County; Photographer: Steve Lepak
County Seat: Green Bay

100 S. Jefferson St., PO Box 23600

City: Green Bay
Zip: 54305
Phone: 920-448-4000
Land Area: 528.7 sq. miles
Water Area: 87 sq. miles
Elevation: 594 ft. at Green Bay
Number of Lakes: 22
Area in Lakes: 170 acres (.27 sq. miles)
Rivers: Branch, East, Fox, Neshota, Suamico
Major Watershed: Lake Michigan
Geographical Province: Eastern Ridges and Lowland

Mostly forests of maple, hemlock and yellow birch. Small areas of jack pine and prairie grasses next to black spruce, tamarack and cedar to the east of Green Bay.


1930: 70,249
1970: 158,244
1980: 175,280
1990: 194,594
2000: 226,778
2010: 248,007
2020: 268,740

WCA District: East Central

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