Barron County

Barron County
Town of Rice Lake, Barron County; Photographer: Phil Ruege
County Seat: Barron

335 E. Monroe Ave.

City: Barron
Zip: 54812
Phone: 715-537-6200
Land Area: 862.84 sq. miles
Water Area: 34.36 sq. miles
Elevation: 1,115 ft. at Barron
Number of Lakes: 369
Area in Lakes: 19,270 acres (30.11 sq. miles)
Rivers: Brill, Hay, Red Cedar, Yellow
Major Watershed: Chippewa River
Geographical Province: Central Plain

Mostly maple, hemlock and yellow birch. West and Southeast: Small areas of red and white pine. Southern edge: Savannas of bur oak, white oak and bluestem. Northeast: Small areas of white, black and red oaks.


1930: 34,301
1970: 33,955
1980: 38,730
1990: 40,750
2000: 44,963
2010: 45,870
2020: 46,711

WCA District: West Central

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