Adams County

Adams County
Town of Grand Marsh, Adams County; Photographer: Michelle Puszka
County Seat: Friendship

402 Main St., PO Box 278

City: Friendship
Zip: 53934
Phone: 608-339-4200
Land Area: 647.74 sq. miles
Water Area: 40.78 sq. miles
Elevation: 950 ft. at Friendship; 1,285 ft. at Friendship Mound
Number of Lakes: 47
Area in Lakes: 2,309 acres (3.61 sq. miles)
Rivers: Wisconsin, Lemonweir
Major Watershed: Wisconsin River
Geographical Province: Central Plain

Mostly jack pine and prairie grasses. East and Southeast: Expanses of bur oak, white oak and bluestem. Northeast: Small areas of black spruce, tamarack and cedar. Northwest: Small strip of meadows with sedges, blue joint and cordgrass.


1930: 8,003
1970: 9,234
1980: 13,457
1990: 15,682
2000: 18,643
2010: 20,875

WCA District: Western

WCA Services, Inc., along with the Public Finance Authority (PFA), presented PAVE, a local domestic violence shelter in Dodge Co., with a donation today to support their work serving those affected by violence. Thank you @repborn for attending & your ongoing support of PAVE.

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