2024 WCA District Meetings Coming Soon

2024 WCA District Meetings Coming Soon

The 2024 Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) District Meetings will be held from April 24 – May 3, 2024.

At each district meeting, each county’s voting delegate elects members to the WCA Board of Directors and the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation (WCMIC) Board of Directors. Members in attendance also receive an update on WCA and its programs and services, as well as a legislative update.

On March 1, 2024, information on the district meetings was mailed to all county board chairs, executives, and administrators and copied to county clerks. Although we know county organizational meetings will not be held until April 16, 2024, we want to ensure each county has the dates, locations, and other information related to the district meetings in advance so each county can act as needed to ensure a voting delegate, at a minimum, is in attendance for each county eligible to vote within each district.

Below please find additional information with regard to the 2024 WCA District Meetings:

  • CLICK HERE for the WCA District Meeting list containing dates, locations, and counties in each district.
  • CLICK HERE for a copy of the March 1, 2024 correspondence sent to county board chairs, executives, and administrators that includes the agenda and voting delegate designee form.
  • CLICK HERE for a memorandum and corresponding list of voting members for the WCA and WCMIC elections to be held at the district meetings

If you have any questions about the 2024 WCA District Meetings, please contact Sarah Diedrick-Kasdorf, Director of Outreach and Member Engagement, at 608.663.7188 (office), 608-225-3017 (cell), or via email.

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