“Uniquely Wisconsin” Campaign Continues: Join Us!

“Uniquely Wisconsin” Campaign Continues: Join Us!

Wisconsin is rich with traditions, landmarks and gorgeous natural resources. As a part of the Uniquely Wisconsin campaign, counties have joined together to highlight and promote the stories of our state. This is accomplished by using video, broadcast television, audio, podcasts and social media.

Your involvement in the Uniquely Wisconsin campaign includes highlighting what is unique about your county and region, telling the stories of the people, the culture, the history, sprinkled in with a bit of economic development and tourism.

As ARPA resources have been made available to counties for various programming, it’s our hope to highlight ALL of Wisconsin and drive people, economic development and tourism to your county, your region and all of Wisconsin. We look forward to continuing our partnership with participating counties to help tell the unique stories of Wisconsin.

For More Information:
WCA Executive Director Mark O’Connell via email or at 866.404.2700 or
Washington County Executive Josh Schoemann via email or at 262.306.2200.

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