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Lynda Bradstreet

Chief Financial Officer
Lynda Bradstreet

Lynda Bradstreet serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Wisconsin Counties Association and Vice President of WCA Services, Inc.


Her duties include preparing and managing annual budget, preparing financial reporting, conducting annual financial review of financial records, managing cash flow, banking and investment activities.


She also oversees and manages business insurance, employee benefit plans, and handles facilities management.


In addition, Lynda assists in the management of corporate management programs as well as other services offered through WCA Services, Inc.


Prior to joining WCA in 1989, Lynda worked for a large life insurance company marketing life insurance and investment products.  She also previously worked for a national department store chain in managing investigations for their credit card division.


Originally from Colorado, she and husband Gary have made Wisconsin their home and much of her free time is spent on the golf course with him.

Phone: 866.404.2700

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