Youth Connection Center Coordinator

Application Deadline: 2022-08-12
Job Type: County
Job Description:

This position is responsible for overall coordination of the activities and services of the Youth Connection Center. Primary responsibilities include planning, scheduling and coordinating activities with agency staff and community partners; monitoring participation and progress of youth; coordinating and communicating with assigned social workers and Children and Families Manager. This position reports to the Children and Families Manager. Responsible for providing truthful and accurate written and verbal communications.

Essential Job Functions
Leads development of programming/curriculum for the Youth Connection Center (YCC) with input from other YCC staff and youth.
Coordinates and maintains schedule of all program activities and providers, managing schedule changes as needed. Ensures youth are provided with opportunities for mental health/AODA counseling as needed, as well as opportunities in the arts, recreation, career planning, etc. to promote youth value and build healthy community connections.
Provides supervision and support to youth on delinquency orders (and those at risk of being involved in the youth justice system) at the YCC and/or other community settings, often as an alternative to detention or shelter care.
Assists youth in accessing needed services and supports to reach established goals.
Works with youth offenders in individualized and group settings on competency-building activities that promote positive peer/family relationships and taking meaningful responsibility for one’s actions.
Monitors attendance of youth and reports absences or significant rule violations to assigned social work for follow-up as needed.
In coordination with youth, community service coordinator, and community partners, arranges community service opportunities that meet court ordered requirements.
Coordinates participation incentives program for youth.
Participates in team meetings with consumers, providers, family members and other informal supports to assist youth in meeting requirements of court orders and/or service plans.
Prepares and maintains individual progress notes for each assigned client in an electronic record system in accordance with county and state requirements.
Maintains program data and prepares state and county reports regarding YCC.
Procures needed equipment, supplies, and services for YCC operations.

General Job Functions
Performs other Children and Family services as may be required.
Transports youth to and from YCC if necessary. May provide informal mentoring/coaching while transporting.
Participates in weekly team meetings to review client-specific progress and needs, supervision issues, and receive division updates.
Strictly follows federal and state laws and regulations, county and departmental policies and procedures in regard to privacy, security and confidentiality of individuals’ personal and health information.

Training and Experience
Graduate of a certified college or university in human services, social work, education, or related field required.
Current valid driver’s license required.
Two or more years’ experience in social/human services, education, or case management strongly preferred. A combination of related education and work experience may also be considered.
Training in Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) required within 90 days of hire.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required
Ability to listen carefully, communicate respectfully and engage in conflict resolution and problem solving.
Ability to speak and write clearly.
Ability to plan and work with a partner or independently and organize workload in order to meet deadlines.
Ability to recognize and respect the needs and beliefs of individuals, while demonstrating a consistent approach to engaging clients and offering services to support them.
Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with clients, co-workers, supervisors, and collateral agencies.
Ability to accept supervision and work collaboratively within the agency and community.
Ability to demonstrate decision-making skills and prioritize workload with strong organizational skills.
Ability to work under pressure, with stressful situations and challenging people and maintain composure; ability to problem solve and engage in conflict resolution.
Ability to make independent decisions regarding routine matters.
Knowledge and skills in trauma informed care principles and techniques.

Deadline Note: