Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Application Deadline: 2022-10-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:


Acts with integrity and builds trust through demonstrated respect, humility, and honesty. Treats others with dignity. Encourages open communication. Actively listens and demonstrates open-minded thinking and willingness to accept other’s points of view. Engages stakeholders and effectively collaborates. Demonstrates the courage to speak out appropriately with leaders and peers even when your point of view is unpopular. Employs vision and strategy to drive positive results by leading with clear goals, objectives, and desired outcomes. Seeks out new opportunities to drive results through new processes and initiatives. Evaluates and monitors to hold self and others accountable for results. Demonstrates ability to be flexible while informally influencing others through coaching, motivation, and team-minded thinking to arrive at solutions that provide positive outcomes for all stakeholders. Seeks feedback and listens to learn despite personal setbacks. Demonstrates agile thinking while understanding the dynamics of the organization and public influence and perception. Uses analytical skills, experience, and input from others to make critical decisions. Takes intelligent risks and leads the organization through change. Demonstrates perseverance by pushing through difficult and challenging situations.


Develops long-term recruiting strategies in coordination with campus administration.

Stays abreast of recruiting trends and best practices. Coordinates the hiring and onboarding processes; plans and conducts recruitment campaigns for hiring staff. Works closely with hiring managers to identify staffing needs and fill positions. Prepares and facilitates job offers and establishes onboarding schedule. Provides initial onboarding with new hire, in conjunction with HR team and Staff Development Coordinator. Designs and manages direct recruitment. Manages job postings, job descriptions, and position requirements in alignment with hiring manager. Sources potential candidates through multi channels. Assesses candidate information and manages applications and other candidate documents. Screens candidates in coordination with hiring manager. Administers or oversees administration of clerical and other tests as needed. Fosters relationships with past applicants and potential candidates. Facilitates the interview process in coordination with hiring managers. Oversees development of interview questions. Coordinates or performs reference checks, as needed. Develops best practice guidelines for use by designated staff when completing reference checks. Participates in or hosts career events; attends job fairs and recruiting events. Supports branding efforts of long-term care campuses. Conducts job audits of individual positions, analyzing duties to align with department requirements. Aligns with department managers and County HR staff to determine proper classification. Initiates or provides input and writes drafts of a variety of personnel policies, and updates existing policies. Conducts wage and benefits surveys and responds to inquiries of the same. Participates as a member of the HR/Payroll software New World System Team, including participation in patch and upgrade testing. Supports all aspects of person-centered care. Respects and acknowledges individuality and uniqueness of residents. Exercises the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism in all aspects of work.


Deadline Note: