Summer Park Openings

Application Deadline: 2022-05-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Brown County is currently hiring for our Summer Park positions! We have various openings including:

Park Maintenance (LTE)
-Park Maintenance (LTE) positions are introductory positions that run between April and October and handle the most basic routine upkeep of our county parks properties. With 18 parks encompassing 3,100+ acres in Brown County, these positions provide some of the most admired and measurable work of our department as they handle the smaller tasks that amount to the many reasons people visit our parks and are drawn to them. This is a great starting position for those looking for an outdoor, summer job with opportunities for future advancements.

Park Ranger – Enforcement (LTE)
-Parks Enforcement actively patrols each of our 18 parks across 3,100+ acres in Brown County. This position helps to provide a secure and safe environment for park visitors and staff by enforcing our park rules and ordinances, educates the public, responds to concerns of park patrons, and ensures that all our parks and public spaces are safe and welcoming to all visitors. In addition, they handle patrolling parks and trails, crime prevention, public safety, opening and closing facilities, talking with facility renters, interacting with boat launch users as well as campers, and overall visitor use management. Successful candidates will strive to be a friendly presence at our parks and facilities.

Park Trail Ranger (LTE)
-Brown County Parks is looking for responsible individuals to work in our Parks Department as Trail Rangers. The County Park system includes 3 State Trails (Fox River Trail, Mountain Bay Trail, & Devil’s River Trail), that are managed and maintained by our department. This position encompasses general maintenance, user safety, customer service, and enforcement of trail passes. Trail Rangers will strive to educate users about trail passes and will be expected to issue violation notices as needed.

Parks Maintenance 2 – Mowing Crew (LTE)
-Parks Maintenance 2 – Mowing Crew (LTE) positions run April through October and are responsible for the mowing and trimming aesthetics of our County Parks. With 18 parks encompassing 3,100+ acres in Brown County, these positions provide some of the most admired and measurable work of our department. These positions are for those that love the outdoors, nature, crisp mowing lines, and keeping a schedule. It is for those that understand that this task is not just about mowing, but helping to control weeds, ensuring proper grass growth, and providing quality lawns for our users to enjoy. The work of this crew is on constant display and is an opportunity to make a difference by being the focal point of many parks.

Parks Office Support (LTE)
-Our Park Office Support (LTE) position runs from March through September and performs a variety of clerical and basic organizational duties. With 18 parks encompassing 3,100+ acres in Brown County, this position is our communication hub to customers and parks users often being the first impression of our department. The position is for a person that loves the outdoors and enjoys exploring and learning about parks. Someone that uses their outdoor exploration, camping, trail hikes, etc. and enjoyment from this that lends to their ability to properly assist our customers in answering their questions, selling passes, and completes shelter bookings. It is for someone that understands that their role with Brown County Parks is to create a trustworthy atmosphere to provide customers and visitors with the exact information they need right at the time they need it.

Deadline Note:

WCA President & CEO Mark O'Connell received Racine County Executive @jdelagrave “Community Impact Award” last night for his close working relationship with the county on a variety of projects impacting not only Racine County but also all of Wisconsin. @NACoTweets

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