Strong Bodies Instructor (LTE)

Application Deadline: 2023-12-12
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
StrongBodies is a strength training program for anyone desiring to slow down the bone and muscle loss process. StrongBodies is offered to various age groups and genders including seniors and women. Strong Bodies is founded on the StrongWomen™ Strength Training Program based out of Tufts University which grew out of research published by Dr. Miriam E. Nelson on bone density in older adults. Classes typically have eight to twelve participants and last approximately 60-75 minutes. Classes meet twice per week for 10-12 week sessions. Typical Class consists of 1) warm-up, 2)resistance training – working all of the major muscle groups, utilizing a combination of dumbbells, adjustable ankle weights, and body weight, and 3)cool-down. StrongBodies Instructor will be responsible for working with community partners to organize and promote classes, conduct classes and follow evaluation process.

Essential Duties
Promote StrongBodies program to community partners.
Work with community partners on registration process including collection of registration fee.
Follow all procedures as determine by StrongBodies curriculum as this is an evidence based curriculum.
Examine and evaluate the safety of the classroom, surrounding area and equipment prior to start of class.
Ensure classroom is set up for the day’s classes.
Communicate with participants and other staff in a professional manner.
Instructs/leads participants through the Strong Bodies curriculum exercises. Wear clean clothing in good repair, appropriate for the teaching.
Ensure equipment used is disinfected and put away at end of each class.
Complete and submit necessary reports to community partner and Area Extension Director.

Minimum Qualifications Required
Education and Experience:

High school graduate

Licenses and Certifications:

Successfully complete StrongBodies training.

Valid driver’s license.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Complete Strong Bones certification process.
Strong leadership and decision-making skills.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.
Prior teaching experience is preferred.
Ability to build and maintain relationships with partners.
Ability to work the required hours of the position.

Deadline Note: