Senior Accountant

Application Deadline: 2022-10-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
This position performs a variety of medium to complex professional accounting and financial functions related to county-wide financial reporting and annual budget preparation. Responsible for providing financial and accounting support, advice and assistance necessary for departments to successfully appropriate and manage their budgeted funds. Decisions made by this position are based upon comprehensive knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and best practices in budgeting and financial reporting from the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and the Government Finance Officers Association.

Essential Duties
Acts as the lead accountant in the development of the annual budget, directing departmental accountants and coordinating all detail work required. Assists County Executive, Director of Administration and/or Finance Director by researching and analyzing county-wide budgetary trends, pending legislation and other key assumptions and applying to budgetary goals set forth by the County Executive. Compiles and analyzes data for cost-to-continue amounts, chargeback development, levy setting/tracking and tax rate compilation. Attends committee and Board budget meetings during the budget, providing information as needed, and tracking changes from proposed to adopted budget.

Provides technical expertise, advice, counsel and direction on financial matters, budget information and financial system inquiries to all departments to ensure effective administration and implementation of approved fiscal policies, plans and programs.

Compiles required reports such as apportionment sheets for local municipalities and levy limit worksheets. Compiles and reviews the County’s State Financial Report.

Prepares fiscal year end entries and supporting documentation. Completes work papers and schedules for the fiscal year end closing process which are used by the County’s external auditors.

Assists in preparation of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report including research and application of accounting pronouncements, compilation of data, preparation of supporting schedules, preparation of notes to the financial statements, and preparation of final financial statements.

In conjunction with Information Technology, oversees security access to the financial system to ensure proper internal control standards are met within the system.

Acts as the lead accountant in the development of the annual cost allocation plan. Analyzes data submitted to consultant to ensure allocation is consistently applied to departments in an equitable manner. Reviews cost allocation plan and provides assistance in the completion of the plan.

Works with department heads, managers, and budget contacts during annual budget process to assist in development; review for accuracy and detail; and finalize their budget for submission to the County Executive.

Monitors and reviews department financials to ensure operation within budgeted levels and adherence to financial policies/procedures, and works with departments to ensure monitoring and understanding of their revenue and expenditure status. Identifies emerging financial issues, revenue shortfalls or expenditure overruns and advises Finance Director with options for resolution.

Completes month-end closing process. Prepares journal entries, reviews county-wide and departmental financial reports to ensure activity is recorded according to accounting standards, and reconciles accounts. Provides financial information, analysis, and assistance in reconciliations to departments as needed.

Prepares and provides to management various statistical and analytical data. Ensures accurate and timely preparation of monthly, annual and other routine or special purpose financial reports and documents.

Ensures that the County’s accounting procedures comply with internal control over financial reporting and implements corrective action for any condition that might be considered a material weakness. Maintains and updates policies and operating procedures to incorporate new software, changes in responsibilities, and new accounting pronouncements.

Facilitates the implementation and testing of upgrades to the financial system and accounting software. Maintains the chart of accounts and reporting structure for the financial and credit card software.

Minimum Qualifications Required
Education and Experience:

Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting, plus at least two years progressively responsible accounting experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Considerable knowledge of accounting, preferably with an emphasis on government/fund accounting and public budgeting principles, practices, and methods.

Considerable oral and written communication skills, ability to present information, opinions, and recommendations in a clear and concise manner, and making public presentations.

Considerable skill in preparing and analyzing complex reports, budgets, and statements.

Considerable analytical and problem-solving skills.

Considerable skill in recommending, coordinating, implementing, and maintaining financial information systems.

Considerable knowledge of local, state and federal laws and regulations governing counties as well as county/local government operations.

Ability to plan, administer and evaluate programs and projects.

Knowledge of and proficient ability to utilize a computer and the required software.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and the public.

Ability to work the required hours of the position.

Deadline Note: