Registered Dental Hygienist

Application Deadline: 2022-12-04
Job Type: County
Job Description:

The purpose of the Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) is responsible for providing dental services to the Sauk County Seal-A-Smile program.
This position is for a RDH to work in our Seal-A-Smile program approximately one day per week during the school year in area schools. They will perform a visual oral exam, application of sealants as needed as well as fluoride. Additionally, education about good oral health habits will be a part of this role.

***This is a limited term position that shall follow school calendar year and will offer 6 working hours per week. No benefits will be offered with this position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Develop and maintain relationships with program’s stakeholders (school administrators, teachers, school nurses, grantors, business organizations and parent volunteers).

• Conduct dental screenings to assess oral health and associated risks and to determine which teeth are appropriate to seal.

• Apply dental sealants for targeted school children and provide fluoride varnish applications, assess quality of sealants applied, provide sealant retention checks, and reapply sealants if necessary.

• Compile with all provisions of the Seal-A-Smile grant including data entry in to the Wisconsin DentaSeal Registry.

• Refer students in need of follow-up care or restorative dental needs to community providers.

• Assure that all dental equipment is transported and maintained per manufactures guidelines and dental instruments and equipment is cleaned, disinfected and sterilized.

• Maintain quality service by providing quality customer service standards. Analyze and recommend system improvements.

• Interpret and evaluate program data for objectives, efficiencies, trends, options, and outcomes.

• Actively participate in population health initiatives.

• Provide presentations to outside agencies regarding the activities of the program or to request additional funding.

Public Health Core Competencies
• Advocate for policies, programs, and resources
• Develop goals and objectives
• Monitor trends
• Develop and recommend options
• Apply public health informatics to policies, programs, and services
• Describe public health as part of a larger system
• Explain how public health, health care, and other organizations can work together or individually
• Communicate in writing and orally with linguistic and cultural proficiency
• Identify relationships that are affecting health
• Develop relationships
• Maintain relationships

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

• Identify and coordinate program changes as needed.

• Assist in collecting, compiling, and maintaining statistics and reports required and/or requested by federal, state and local agencies.

• Maintain client records.

• Develop and maintain client relationships to establish continuity of care.

• And other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Maintain all relevant certifications

• Communicate advisory data and information such as grant applications, medical records, various manuals, and routine and non-routine correspondence

• Communicate verbally and in writing with County personnel, department personnel, children, clients, and the general public

• Explain, demonstrate, and clarify to others established policies, procedures, and standards

• Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and calculating percentages, fractions, and decimals

• Compare, count, differentiate, measure, sort, classify, compute, tabulate, and/or categorize data and/or information

• Use fine and gross motor skills to perform tasks such as operating various dental tools

• Exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, involving lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and standing for long periods

• Recognize and identify degrees of similarity and differences between characteristics of colors, forms, sounds, odors, textures, etc. associated with objects, materials, and ingredients


• Safe and comfortable in regard to violence, noise, and disease.

Required Working Hours

Standard working hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. Please note that SAS program runs during the school year only and during school hours, primarily.

Education and Experience Requirements

Required: Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene
3 years of dental hygienist experience

Licenses/Certifications: Wisconsin State Dental Hygienist License
Wisconsin State Motor Vehicle Operator’s License

Preferred: Experience with children in relation to dental hygiene

Any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.

Deadline Note: