Registered Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist

Application Deadline: 2022-12-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
Coordinates and evaluates all food and nutrition operations in compliance with regulatory requirements. Plans, coordinates, and evaluates the personnel and activities of the food and nutrition services department that report to this position. Supports food and equipment purchasing decisions. Manages budget and human resources needs of staff. Develops and implements department policies. Directs administrative and clinical operations of the clinical nutrition services, providing leadership and oversight to ensure quality and effective clinical nutrition services. Determines resource needs and oversees departmental operational and capital budgets. Oversees department performance improvement activities in accordance with organizational and regulatory agency requirements. Ensures food and nutrition services meet health, safety, and welfare standards with respect to nutrition; develops and enforces policies and procedures.

Essential Duties
Supervises, plans, schedules, and assigns work to subordinates.

Evaluates food products based on customer acceptance, cost, quality, and quantity; modifies the food and nutrition program as needed to meet expectations.

Develops interdepartmental communication for effective food and nutrition service systems management.

Develops and maintains organizational and departmental goals, policies, and procedures.

Ensures that food and nutrition services are in compliance with state, county, and local inspection standards.

Directs department Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Program in conjunction with the Food Services Manager; ensures compliance with departmental policies and procedures.

Provides clinical nutrition services for clients in nursing home units; consults with staff and families on nutrition problems; assesses clients’ needs; charts clinical assessments and recommendations; ensures nutrition problems are addressed and needs are met in an appropriate and effective manner. Monitors and evaluates nutrition interventions.

Provides nutrition consults and assessments for psychiatric hospital and CBRF.

Oversees group nutrition programming for psychiatric hospital. Writes group nutrition curriculum ensuring timely topics and current education materials are used. Audits the documentation of subordinates and facilitates corrective action as needed.

Provides oversight to all clinical dietitians, including their assessment, planning, evaluation, and nutrition care of patients.

Writes general and therapeutic menus and nourishments; modifies diets according to physician’s orders. Makes recommendations for diet orders on nursing home, hospital, and CBRF.

Serves as liaison between medical and nursing staff.

Attends admission, discharge, and other care client conferences as clinically needed.

Directs and monitors department clinical nutrition educational programs . Provide education to staff, residents, and clients as needed.

Participates in department and county committees as needed.

Assists with catering program for special functions such as luncheons, employee recognition meetings, Christmas parties, open house, county functions, etc. at the Community Treatment Center; ensures that meals are pleasing, sanitary and healthy.

Maintains the confidential nature of client business information.

Performs other related functions as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications Required
Educational and Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Food and Nutrition or Dietetics and 1200 hour dietetic internship; or Master’s Degree; plus three years’ experience in food and nutrition services; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for a registered dietitians.

License and Certifications:
National Dietetic Registration (Accrediting Body: CDR/Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)
Certified Dietitian in the state of WI

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Knowledge of clinical and administrative dietetics including normal and therapeutic food and nutrition services.

Knowledge of food and nutrition planning, assessment, patterns, and modified diets.

Knowledge of long term care and hospital clinical and behavioral nutrition standards and regulations.

Knowledge of clinical nutrition assessment, diagnosis and interventions with ability to monitor and evaluate interventions and care plans.

Knowledge of therapeutic diet interventions for behavioral health and clinical nutrition problems.

Knowledge of food service administration including budgeting, personel management, and recipe development and adjustment.

Knowledge of state and federal quality food service and clinical nutrition standards and regulations.

Knowledge of proper food storage and food service equipment.

Knowledge of food specifications.

Knowledge of employee relations, ethics, labor laws and standards of regulatory agencies governing food service operations.

Ability to supervise and manage subordinates.

Ability to organize and plan activities.

Ability to motivate personnel to ensure completion of assignments.

Ability to interact with clients in a therapeutic manner.

Ability to maintain confidential information.

Ability to address difficult situations with clients in a tactful manner.

Ability to identify problems and make necessary changes to optimize department objectives.

Ability to organize and conduct nutrition focused client group sessions.

Ability to work required hours of the position.

Deadline Note: