Public Health Nurse

Application Deadline: 2022-05-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

The starting wage: Depends on Qualifications – offers a full benefits package! Full-time position.

Provides community focused, population-based nursing services to residents of Polk County. Promotes and maintains the health of individuals and families through nursing services in a variety of settings including the home, office, worksite, school, jail and community. Collaborates with other professional and citizen groups to meet the identified health priorities in the community. May assist with the completion of individual behavior health assessments, behavioral health crisis interventions, and conducting and interpreting diagnostic tests. Reports to the agency Public Health Director and Supervisor.

Essential Duties: These duties represent the typical duties and responsibilities assigned to this position but may not be inclusive of all tasks performed.

Provides or otherwise arranges for the availability, accessibility, continuity, and evaluation of health services, based on identified individual, family and community health needs.
Provides leadership to develop and advocate for local, state, and national policies to address identified health priorities.
Assess individuals’ behavioral and physical status based on the presenting symptoms and complaints.
Collaborates with behavioral health and public health staff to create and establish trauma informed care procedures.
Educate individuals and/or their family members about health conditions, preventive health measures, and/or treatment plan goals.
Analytical/Assessment Skills:

Assesses the health care needs of the population in order to identify subpopulations, families and individuals that would benefit from health promotion/disease prevention activities.
Provides case finding to identify population groups, families and individuals at high risk of illness, injury, disability or premature death.
Develops nursing diagnosis based on health status data of the individual or community.
Provides surveillance and investigation of acute and communicable diseases as well as chronic disease.
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills:

Actions reflect the medical and nursing policies/procedures of the agency.
Communicates with supervisor and other public health staff regarding issues that may impact public policy.
Participates in agency/community activities that contribute to the development of agency programs and policies.
Works with agency management to inform and advocate with legislators and local governing boards on public health priority issues.
Encourages individuals to contact public health policy makers regarding issues of public health interest.
Assists in the development of local ordinances that address community health needs.

Communication Skills:

Communicates with state officials, hospitals, clinics and physicians in an outbreak.
Interprets and communicates health status information and health issues to schools, day cares and other ancillary human services providers.
Communicates with the public by explaining basic public health policy and programs to the community.
Cultural Competency Skills:

Advocates for the needs of underserved and high-risk populations.
Optimizes access to health services for community residents regardless of their ability to pay.

Community Dimensions of Practice Skills:

Develops a plan with the individual/family/community to meet identified health needs taking into account available resources, the range of activities that contribute to the health and prevention of illness, disability and premature death.
Involves the physician, community agencies and other team members as appropriate in client care plans.
Forms and/or participates in coalitions to respond to community health needs.
Collaborates with the private sector to develop coordinated community policies/programs.
Links individuals/families with available services through appropriate referrals.
Maintains effective relationships with local healthcare providers to facilitate public health referrals for private sector services.
Provides public health nursing expertise by working in collaboration with the community to protect the health of the public.
Public Health Sciences Skills:

Implements nursing care plans effectively, efficiently and equitably.
Evaluates the nursing plan to determine the extent to which interventions have an impact on the health status of individual, families and the population.
Utilizes evidence based quality improvement tools and techniques to problem solve and improve public health nursing practices.
Participates in local emergency preparedness planning efforts including development, review and exercising of local response plans.
Bases nursing actions on current scientific principles.
Promotes a safe, healthful and therapeutic environment through nursing actions.
Provides nursing services to mothers and children including immunization, health screening, prenatal and postpartum follow up as well as parenting education.
Provides outreach and case management services to individuals and families at risk of poor health outcomes.
Financial Planning and Management Skills:

Demonstrates timely, accurate and concise record keeping of individuals and families using agency guidelines and the designated electronic health record software.
Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills:

Assumes responsibility for seeking continuing education to maintain and improve public health nursing skills and expertise.
Marginal Duties and Responsibilities: Other duties as assigned and unit/departmental back-up and support.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Limited – occasionally direct the work of the Public Health program assistant in the immunization clinic setting and may be requested to work with student nurses when the agency is a site for student public health nursing clinical experiences.


Graduation from an accredited school of nursing.
Graduation from an accredited four-year school of nursing preferred.
Possess a current Licensed Practical or Registered Nursing license in the state of Wisconsin.
Recent graduates encouraged to apply. Knowledge of Behavioral and Public Health Nursing is preferred.
Effective communication skills; verbal and written.
Knowledge of state and federal regulatory standards and professional practice standards pertaining to client treatment, patient rights and client/patient confidentiality.
Experience using an Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Minimum Skills Assessment Requirements: Skills and abilities may be evaluated through various assessment tools.

Certificates/Licenses/Registrations: State of Wisconsin Licensed RN or LPN, and possession of a current valid driver’s license or has access to a regular source of transportation, as occasionally required to travel for educational opportunities and off-campus meetings.

Competency Requirements:
Integrity/Honesty – Contributes to maintaining the integrity of the organization; displays high standards of ethical conduct and understands the impact of violating these standards on an organization, self, and others; is trustworthy.
Superior Customer Service and Community Relations – Anticipates and strives to meet the needs of both internal and external stakeholders (employees, contracted staff, residents, families, and other internal and external clientele). Delivers high-quality services; is committed to continuous improvement. Interacts with members of the public and key stakeholders in a manner to elicit positive response and participation. Presents information and /or represents the facility’s interest.
Accountability – Assumes responsibility for successfully accomplishing work objectives and delivering results; setting high standards of performance for self and others.
Communications – Delivers clear, effective communication and takes responsibility that others understand; uses correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling; produces both verbal and written information that is appropriate for the intended audience
Interpersonal Relations – Develops and maintains effective relationships with others; relates well to people from varied backgrounds and in different situations; show understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy, concern, and politeness; maintains a professional and courteous attitude with staff, clients, and the community with special regard to Department confidentiality policies.
Judgment and Decision Making – Accurately assesses situations, seeks new information if necessary, and applies all available information to reach sound conclusions/formulate effective response. Requires little guidance for responding to a wide range of complex situations with far-reaching and/or enduring consequences
Data Gathering and Analysis – Seeks or collects and synthesizes information from a variety of stakeholders and sources in an objective, unbiased manner to reach a conclusion, goal or judgment
Facilitation – Effective in leading group processes, problem solving situations and community meetings.
Organizational Communications – Demonstrates the county and agency’s mission and goals through collaboration with key stakeholders and community input and involvement.
Partnering/Networking –– Demonstrates ability to engage and maintain key stakeholders and the public in necessary partnerships to potentiate reach of the agency as well as improve service delivery.

Work Environment and Physical Demands: Work is moderately active in nature and performed within the Government Center or satellite offices/other campus locations. Lifting requirement is 15 – 20 pounds on an occasional basis. Wrist and finger manipulation due to filing, compiling, calculating, or computer work. Equipment used may include, but is not limited to computer, scanner, printer, keyboard, calculator, telephone, copy and fax machine. Additional physical/mental requirements that occur may not be listed above but are inherent in performing the position’s essential functions.

Deadline Note:

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