Onsite Waste Specialist

Application Deadline: 2021-10-19
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Marathon County’s Conservation, Planning and Zoning Department has a full time opportunity to join their team as an Onsite Waste Specialist. Employees in this position administer and enforce the Marathon County private sewage system ordinance and assist with administration of the Marathon County zoning, shoreland-wetlands, and floodplain ordinances.

Bachelor’s degree in soil science, natural resources management, land use planning, geography, or a closely related field, and one year related experience such as private onsite waste treatment system (POWTS) design, soil evaluation, and/or administration of land use regulations; OR equivalent combination of related education and experience. Experience with geographic information systems desirable. Equivalent combination of closely related education and work experience may be considered.

Possession of a valid driver’s license and a driving record that meets County standards.
Ability to obtain certified soil tester certification (CST) and POWTS Inspector certification within 6 months of hire.


Estimate 70% of time will be to:

Assist with the administration of the Marathon County private sewage system ordinance.
Perform onsite evaluation of soil and site conditions, reviews and accepts/disapproves Soil & Site Evaluation reports submitted by certified soil testers and soil scientists.
Review and approves/disapproves sanitary permit applications and POWTS designs/plans, including state level POWTS designs/plans as an agent of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS).
Inspect the construction and installation of private onsite wastewater treatment systems and components ensuring compliance with ordinances and codes.
Investigate violations of POWTS regulations, issues directives and orders, refers non-compliant cases to Corporation Counsel, and when necessary, testifies in court.
Document inspections and soil evaluations as required. Manages and updates data in the POWTS database.
Assist with administering the Wisconsin Fund grant program for replacement of failing private sewage systems.
Assist with administering POWTS maintenance programs.
Provides technical information, education, and assistance to soil testers, designers, plumbers, and the public

Estimate30% of time will be to:

Assist with administration of comprehensive zoning and shoreland/wetland/flood plain codes.
Respond to questions from the public and governmental officials related to the work of the Conservation, Planning & Zoning Department.
Inform people making applications for permits of the various applicable code sections as well as providing information to consultants, licensed professionals, and the public via telephone calls, letters, etc.
Assist and coordinates with federal, state, and local agencies and institutions to implement programs, projects, and grants.
Prepare program/project status reports for committees; develops an annual outcome report.
Provide support to department supervisors by preparing, advising, and commenting on department policies and procedures as they relate to program implementation.
Develop and/or serves on internal teams that strive to improve the technical and administrative guidance to department plans and program initiatives.
Provide technical information and other assistance to the Board of Adjustment as needed.
Develop and implements community engagement activities utilizing newsletters, presentations, and training.


Deadline Note:

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